Please give friendly Junkrat traps a partical effect



I shoot at booth friendly and enemy junkrat traps and feel like a fool. Just something.

It could be an artificial sort of expanding circle sonar pulse kind of thing, it could be a more in game kind of sparks, or you could even animate it so that it clatters its teeth together.

Anything please!


I do the same! A little ring around the trap that looks kinda like Lució’s aura would work


Um… if you can see it clearly it’s a friendly Junk trap. Enemy Junk traps are slightly buried and harder to see. It’s really not hard to tell the difference.


I don’t pay attention to the depth of the trap, and because I don’t the visual difference between something being in my peripheral vision and something’s distinct detail is not big enough to change how I react to the trap.


You’ve already been given something. A friendly trap will be sitting on the ground., completely visible. An enemy trap will be sunken so all you can see is the top of the pressure plate and the spikes of the trap jaws.

Sorry, but that’s your fault. It takes a fraction of a second to glance at and process whether or not its friendly or enemy. It takes just as much effort to look at the depth than it does to look for a glowy thing.


I think they should give an allies’ trap the same “blue arua” that allies have


It takes a fraction of a second for an enemy to 1-0 you.

Response times matter.

That, and is it in its design for it to have a negative impact on allies at all?


It IS True that when the trap is on Stairs It’s very hard to tell which is which.


Look for the little blue lighting on it, enemy junkrat’s have red lightning on theirs, but i do agree it should have a blue outline like allies have.


A widow or hanzo, maybe.

But that’s not really an argument. “Do this because I can die in the same amount of time or less?” Not really compelling.

After a dozen or so hours in this game, I have never had an issue with deciding if a junkrat trap is friendly or hostile. It’s really not that complicated, unless, as ChibiFox said, it’s on stairs.

I’ll give you that one. Junkrat trap is terrible with stairs, friendly or enemy.


You’re focused too much on the trap being an ally’s. I would consider it a design feature to require actually paying attention and deciding whether or not the trap is safe. Adding a super clear indicator to the friendly trap will ruin one use of Junkrat’s trap… causing the enemy to pause for a split second to look at it and then shoot it. That can give you an advantage. If you fall prey to it, that’s on you.


Yea. X3 I literally always shoot them on stairs, just to be sure.

But otherwise, i can Usually Tell…

Although, it DOES Take a second.

I think what the op means is, it just… Shouldn’t take a second to try and tell which is which… Which i can see being a BIG Issue for newer players, specifically.

I get why it’s the way it is tho.


Which I get, I really do. As I said, until I had a few dozen hours in the game, I too struggled.

But as I mentioned above, it’s also a tactical situation you can take advantage of if the enemy is pausing to check out the trap. (Which, again, only in lower ELOs do most people actually have to pause to look at the trap. After a while it’s almost second nature to tell.)

I’m probably sounding harsh here but I see this request as someone else just looking for an excuse to think less, to have more things just handed to them without requiring them to actually learn the game better and develop as a player.


Oh, you don’t have to tell me about the “Second Nature” of these things…

I have well over 600 hours in this game. :sweat_smile:

I can understand the OP’s Idea tho… Some people just struggle with certain things like this, and want to know if there’s a way it could be improved.
(Even i STILL Trip up on those dang things from time to time.)




Still an issue, and traps clip out of the ground (ally or enemy) if on any kind of uneven surface, which is a bug. It would help to make gold weapon traps and mines ally-only, if not a clear indicator when a trap is friendly (which it’s supposed to be).


Maybe you should start paying attention then.


There’s a blue ring ON the trap that shows it’s friendly. If you see a trap 75% in the ground or if it has a red ring on it, it’s an enemy trap.


I would prefer if the team can actually see the words triggered/trapped like how Junkrat does, gives information quickly and its positioning of where it is.