Please, for the love of God Blizzard, punish leavers more harshly

sadyeehawuwu, it seems you are looking for an explanation why Bli$$ard does not act upon trolls.

You need to google Tigole Everquest Rant to find out, why the vice president of Bli$$ard himself protects trolls.


WOAH. That’s really weird. Why would that be censored?!

Blizzard? It’s not censored is it?

Blizzard, Blizzard Blizzard

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Bruh, putting an AI hard mode Zen into a match would be a major buff anywhere below Diamond. Have you seen how those things can destroy you? :joy:

But nah, that’s actually an ok idea. At least in QP where it doesn’t matter as much.

^ That’s what I worry about. I never ever play comp when my internet is acting up, but I’ll mess around in Arcade and QP. I don’t want to be executed because there’s some wind gusts in my area that may or may not cause some random D/Cs. :frowning:

Honestly, though, the main change I want to see is to give DPS who backfill in RQ a better spot in the queue for their next game. It’s really not fair to wait 15 mins only to load into a Defeat screen, then have to wait 15 more minutes to actually play the game. That scenario needs to be patched from happening in some way.

I mean even an easy bot would be better than nothing.

Me neither, unfortunately Overwatch can’t detect it.

Well good that you want this,
because it’s confirmed and coming on tuesday, it’s called Priority Queue.
Jeff confirmed in a Dev update.

Backfill technically is a requirement of all of us. We know that the development team is working to prevent last-second backfills into the defeat screen, and if you backfill a match your next match should be a normal queue (unless you left that backfill match prematurely yourself). I see about 1 out of 10 matches in quick play as a backfill, and while I think that can be improved on to lower it further, this is not intolerable for me.

In today’s day and age, I believe the current penalty for casual modes to be inadequate (which is triggered by leaving 25% of your most recent games played [up to 20]), many players (including myself) have little need for new Loot Boxes so there is little incentive to gain XP.

I think all game modes needs a short low-priority queue of around 5 minutes. Which prevents a player from finding a match until the low-priority queue time expires.

Again think about those who may be trying to figure out connection issues, while I encourage players to avoid Competitive Play when they are frequently disconnecting, I rather they try to use Quick Play or a custom game to troubleshoot their connection.

We already have a solid option available to each of us to not worry about leavers. That is forming up in a group. Playing with friends in casual game modes is always going to be a better way to play. Its more difficult to play Competitive in a group (due to group priority matchmaking), but if leavers are a concern, this is a fool-proof solution.

This is more difficult, because there can’t be any backfill (for Competitive integrity purposes). I think a strong low-priority queue starting at 10 minutes would be more effective than the current 10-minute or greater suspension (players who leave deliberately can just switch accounts during a suspension). Competitive also needs to consider players who may have had a one-time disconnection (which is why the current system starts at a 10-minute suspension), so any starting penalty can’t be too severe.


If you did raise the suspension time couldn’t you also track latency:

The game actively tracks latency(as you’re able to enable it), would it not make sense if somebody that was showcasing latency/ping spikes that disconnected could receive a lower suspension time.

I am aware that people could manipulate this system,
but not only would that be a very small amount of people but it also wouldn’t work if you just straight up turned off your internet.

I feel like a system like that could work with largely little people abusing it.
At this time there are probably more people getting around suspensions with smurfing. So making sure the players who don’t get around the suspensions stay suspended is important.

At least I feel.

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Oh snap, really? O.o I totally missed that update. That’s awesome.


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Paladins punish the players by preventing them from playing for a period of time that could reach to hours.

If you leave the game you might also be leaving Overwatch, so this isn’t really effective

I am not sure what you mean, the game client from your end will alert you if there are packets lost or there is a delay in the return signal. The game server doesn’t do anything because the world wide web can cause all sorts of problems between you and the game server.

No, the counter only works while you are signed in. if you leave it will stop until you come back.

Oh, I knew that when you got disconnected Overwatch wasn’t aware I just was under the false impression that when you enable ping/latency the game tracks your latency/time between feedback.
I imagine if the game was tracking that then that could be a successful system,
but if it isn’t then obviously that system would have any way to function.

That is harsh, but at the same time I don’t really feel bad for leavers.
At the same time though, you can just leave the game running in the background and that time should pass quite easily

I mean, they deserve it for wasting their team’s time. As I said, the more games you leave the longer it gets and It can get too long D=

I know I don’t want to feel bad for them but I feel like it also depends on the situation.
It’s not always somebody with foul intent

Wouldn’t really solve anything anyways, a common form of disconnect is power outage and there’s zero way to detect that from someone manually disconnecting their internet.

Yeah, but it’s minimising it.
Taking care of one aspect

Disconnecting by power outage, I’d argue, usually means u won’t be worrying about your leaver’s penalty much cuz there’d be better things to worry about since it’s an power outage.

Plus, should power outage be a frequent situation, one should probably not play an online multiplayer game anyways.

Being inclusive and forgiving is a good thing, but being blindly so is an total other.