Please fix your game

I was playing a comp game and my internet went out for a second. When my internet came back a minute after I tried to rejoin but couldn’t. I lost my sr for nothing and I got a short suspension. For the love of god fix your game Blizzard

Imo thats more of a you problem


How are the devs supposed to know the difference between that, and intentionally yanking the power cable out of your modem?


It ain’t the games fault, but more of just your internet’s fault. Yeah, they could add in a system to differentiate whether someone manually disconnected or lost connection to the server due to internet connection, but I don’t see why they should change the punishments for each

I can’t connect back

HI I D/CED coz my internet went down

blizz u suck!


The game probably ended instead of considering you a potential leaver. Either that, or you took too long and everyone left/game finished.

Everything you mentioned sounds like a “you” issue mate, not a game issue.


Game doesnt end when its out for a second.

Blizzard’s response, “ Davud, fix your internet.”

If you could come up with a way for Blizzard servers to distinguish a “disconnect” from a “rage disconnect” they are listening…

Meanwhile, all disconnects, in any form, will be treated with current leaver rules.

Is your computer system and internet modem connected to a UPS?

The game went on without you. And your internet failed.

Sounds like you should be talking to your ISP and not Blizzard.

my internet came back one minute after and I could not reconnect

See previous response.

I think you’re missing the problem here. You should not receive a suspension for leaving a game until AFTER that game is over. This at least gives someone who had a DC a chance to come back and help their team. This is better for EVERYONE.

Hey there, all disconnections will be penalized appropriately. Chances are you disconnected either in the early game before you could deal any damage/healing or at a state when the game concluded on its own normally. Please review this post from Blizzard for more details:

If this was a one-time issue, its best to play a few games in quick play to make sure there is not a consistent connection issue. Once you feel confident your connection is stable, try playing Competitive again. However if you are disconnecting frequently, avoid Competitive Play and try working out these troubleshooting steps which fixes most common disconnection issues:

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Doesn’t it make more sense to levy the punishment AFTER the match is over so if someone has a genuine DC they can at least reconnect and finish their match?

When a player leaves, actions taken is in consideration of the remaining players. Depending on when the initial player left the following happens:

  • If the initial player leaves at the start of the game due to being AFK, the match CANCELS. The leaver is penalized and the remaining players get to requeue with high priority.
  • If the initial player leaves after contributing to the match (by dealing enemy damage or healing an ally), the match will continue and the player can return within two minutes. If they do, they are not penalized and the match result will count on their record.
  • After two minutes, if a player does not return in time, the option becomes available for team mates to forfeit and leave without penalty. Those teammates will take the match loss (including SR deduction) but they are not penalized with a suspension. Even if the initial leaver returns after two minutes, that player will be penalized because their absent is then considered too detrimental to the outcome of the match.

Thanks for the prompt response :slight_smile:

I’ve had a different experience where if the player was due to get a ban for leaving, then the ban takes effect immediately rather than after the game though. It seems the option to rejoin is only available if the player would not have received a ban anyways. I would double check and test locally, but I’ve already spent all day working support for another software product lol.