Please fix Mystery Heroes

  1. Comp isn’t broken. I have no idea what you’re referring to.

  2. Randomness happens. If you roll a 27 sided die twice, every once in a while, you’ll get the same number twice in a row.

  3. Carrying over ult charge from one hero to the next makes no sense. Ults charge at different rates. Could you imagine getting to 90% on a quick charging hero like Tracer then getting a free graviton surge? Now THAT’s broken. Ults in mystery heros is your reward for staying alive.

  1. comp sucks… evryone is talking about and many people is migrating to other games becouse of that… you might leave under a rock if you havent noticed it

  2. yeah… i get randomness… im just saying its just against the fun of the mode…could be way better

  3. Your right there… but at least you should be able to keep a percentage


What sucks about comp?

sorry i press enter by mistake and didnt finished writing the whole thing…
comp suck because of the matchmaking, because you get 5 main healers or 5 main dps on a team, and they wont change, and then you lose…
i switch a lot trying to help the team… but i also want to use my fav character and thats not happening if im a “team player”

I actually really enjoy playing mystery heroes, as it is great way to practice playing multiple characters as well as building better understanding of the game over all. It is also simply a great a test of difficulty to keep one character alive long enough reach their ultimate status once or twice per life. However I think it needs one crucial change: Have only one character per player at at time. Having it “no limits” style with multiples of the same character makes the game stupidly unbalanced. When this happens, it very often ruin matches that might have been fun before one of the teams got 3 orisa tanks. Just have that stop, mystery heroes will be perfect.

Blizzard have commented on this afew times, what you’re proposing is removing the pure RNG mystery from mystery heroes.

It’s a highly debated topic both on here and from what Jeff Kaplan has said in the past also in the office.

Currently it is purely mystery, purely RNG to it all and that’s the point, some love that (I do personally) others don’t, others want some kinda mid point (no more than 2 of each hero etc).

It’s not broken at all, it is what it’s intended to be a mystery with no rules to it, adding rules to it means it becomes ‘semi mystery heroes’ ie another game mode so yeah.

As Jeff Kaplan posted afew weeks ago, maybe they will do ‘Semi balanced Mystery Heroes’ one day, but not atm.

That’s inevitable with a role based game that maintains the ability of fluid hero picks. There’s nothing to “fix” here. It’s a trade off of the type of game this is.

theres a lot to fix … but whatever, you have your oppinion and i have mind…
and it keeps being rng, but without unfair handicap for one of the teams

I mean… I guess.

You tell Blizz to “fix” their game, but then don’t actually point to anything that’s broken. The only thing you point to is something that’s a design trade off.

It’s like telling ford to “fix” the pollution problem with their diesel trucks. There really isn’t a way to “fix” this. It’s a inherent in having a truck that runs on diesel. If you don’t like causing that pollution, that’s just not the truck for you, go drive a different car…

Matchmaking, specially on partial or full stacks, the game suddenly thinks that having a team of 6 no matter their SR or their overall performance can handle a team of other 6 better players if they happen to win one too many matches, and of course, smurfing is still there, can’t do anything about it because they cheat the system though.

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dude i said how to fix it… wtf are you talking about?
if your talking about comp i said i wasnt goint to talk about it on this post…
many people are complaining about it already so thats fine

Almost everyone (except the folks at the extreme ends of the bell curve) has ~50% win rate in comp… to me it seems that matchmaking generally does a pretty good job. Of course there’s the occasional mismatch, but with the number of games created an hour, you should expect that.

Not everyone experiences it like that, you are on the higher ranks, I can say the lower levels get the worst of it, not because of losing, but it is clear how the matchmaking screws things over in there.

Right, as I said, except for at the extreme ends of the bell curve. You’re almost all the way out on one of the extreme ends. However, even you are almost at a 50% win rate.

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you just said nothing… wtf…
its almost as you didnt read what i said… your just defending blizzard…
a fanboy i guess

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I was responding to VanFanel, not you @kannart.

I already did respond to both of your proposed fixes in my first post in this thread. You haven’t replied to them.

It also should be nice if “balanced mystery heroes” is gonna be a thing. Jeff mentioned it many months ago: “the mystery heroes gamemode will be more balanced, so when there is no healer on your team, someone will be switched to a healer.” What we got: TRIPLE BASTION TORBJORN AND 2 HEALERS against 6 DPS (my team).

So that means my win rate should be at 50% not because of my skill in general but forced onto me by a rigged matchmaking? I don’t mind losing, but nobody in OW likes losing one-sided games, last night I literally had 3 consecutive wins handed over to me.

They really should make it so in Mystery Heroes, you can’t get the same hero again until you have gone through at least half of the heroes (possibly all heroes). Most matches I am in it constantly rotates me between a selection of the 3 same heroes.

This last weekend I had a match where it gave me Widow, Torb, Zen, Widow, Widow, Zen, Torb. It was Soooooooo annoying.

Even RNG needs some leniency in these cases indeed, how come the game likes to tell you about team comp but can’t influence those picks in some capacity?