Please Fix Mei’s Cryro-Freeze Delay


You know when you enter cryro-freeze and that hanzo still kills you yet you know you entered it because you heard the ice break while you died if this issue was fixed i’d be happier than mei receiving any buff, pretty please🙏


I think it should stay the same, if Mei had insta cyro freeze you wouldn’t be able to kill her at all


It seems like a latency issue though plus mei needs some buffs anyways and this would be perfect and you can kill her before she goes into cryo freeze and after


Some abilities aren’t using favor-the-shooter but favor-the-defender.
Abilities like Deflect, Blink and Wraith Form.

Finally, there are a handful of videos in this thread that demonstrate some of the deliberate trade-offs we made against our “Favor the Shooter” philosophy. Any shot mispredicted against a dashing Genji, Mercy, Tracer or Doomfist is deliberate. A handful of other abilities exhibit this behavior as well (Winston/Pharah Leap, Sombra translocate, etc.) We have rules in place where we will not favor the shooter if your target executes one of these maneuvers. This is a trade-off that we have made to accommodate the realities of the internet.

Sometimes I wonder if Mei’s Cryo-Freeze fall under this as well.

I do know that Geoff has said that they would fix the bug where Mei could be pulled out of Cryo-Freeze by Roadhog:

This was on February 23, there has been no mention of it in any patch notes and there are still reports that it is happening in the game.


It’s probably in the PTR patchnotes somewhere XD


It’s not.

But there is something weird going with patch notes lately. The last few patchnotes and PTR patchnotes has the same bugfixes mentioned.


It was a joke. THey don’t write patchnotes for the PTR


They do, but it’s not posted in the Announcements subforum. Instead is it posted in the PTR Discussion subforum.


Yep this is exactly what i mean but i usually die because of hanzo thanks to this latency bug so that was my example, and i do think mei’s cryo freeze should favor the defender that would be the perfect fix👌


Yeah I guess, but in general I feel like mei should get less survivability and more damage


Any more damage and she could out perform mccree then he could be useless, mei’s in good spot in terms of damage output she’s more of an area control character but once you start experiencing this delay happen to you again and again it gets aggravating this is more of a bug fix i’m asking for.