Please fix "early quitting" in Comp

2 times in a row today alone, same thing happened. My group steam rolls through and gets on the first point in the first 15 seconds of the match. Player on the other team quits… and we just get “Match is ending”.

Thats it? We are going to win but now our match is invalidated?

I’m sorry, but once the round starts, unless its from a person who has yet to spawn in, quitting should be the same as if they quit 2 minutes in of a stale mate. Reduce the SR penalty or invalidate their loss, but its so stupid that I get a team that comes up with a plan that works and they are just allowed to quit and take that away from us, where as if they waited just 15 seconds or so longer, they would get a loss and we would get a win.

So I get it, for the losing team, its great, their SR doesn’t get screwed over by a quitter. But now, my chance to gain a win and goes up in SR is screwed over? That’s so dumb.

stop smurfing and that won’t happen

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They have a person who is AFK and has not picked a hero yet… Its a 6v5


I specifically said, if they don’t spawn in, thats one thing. This was one of their healers who was in game, and they quit.

Did that healer actually shoot or get hurt in that fight? Please Check replay

That is your take? I smurfed?

No, just people do stupid comps. First time was on Anubis, Symmetra set up a portal and we went right under them and touched point and won fight, and their Reinhart rage quit.

Second match was Kings row, they were idiots and their winston got killed while trying to dive our healers, got hit by anna debuff, sleep, and then junkrat nuked him, their other tank was Zarya who then got steamrolled, and they had a Widow / Hanzo comp. We get on point and one of their healers quit.

This isn’t smurfing, this is we managed to open strong either due to strategy or enemy making dumb choices, and losing out because of this stupid early quitting setup.

RE: Abdulla9000, yes, I am sure. I killed them, it was a Zenyatta and I killed him as Soldier 76. 100% their entire team was there when the round started.

You are 100% incorrect. With the exception of AFKs from the start, if ANYONE IN THE MATCH takes damage before you leave, the match does not reset. You were steamrolling because it was a 6v5. They did not leave because you were winning. You were winning because they weren’t there.


That’s not how it works currently (it did at one point). If they participate in the match at all the game continues. It only cancels the match if they didn’t do anything.

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Yes because we all know an extremely one-sided game is fun.

It’s much better to see a number go up or down instead of actually enjoying proper gameplay.

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You are either mistaken, or your memory is over a year old when it was just on a 60 sec or 30 second timer.

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If they take or do dmg the match will not be cancelled. End of story


Show the replays codes