Please explain Brigitte to us


Explain what Brigitte is to us and not the bullpoop like “shes suposed to be an hybrid bla bla bla…”. And i also want to know YOUR feelings about playing against Brigitte dear Overwatch Team, Devs, (and other people in the overwatch Team). If you DO play overwatch as much as you say TELL US and did you even ever won against a brigitte.


Well, you just answered your own Question. She’s supposed to be a Hybrid Support/Tank that excels at close quarters while being useless at long range fights or poke points.

If you can’t accept that, then that’s your own fault.

It’s not that hard. Go Bastion. Or Pharah. Or Junkrat. Or either of the snipers. Or Mei. Or (etc etc)


yes exactly. thanks.


yeah shes useless at long range fights. I can tell since hitscan’s do 0 dmg at long range battles plus she hat her shield always up. And poking is probably the most stupid thing you said. Shields always up, Life regen, healing supports, nothing one shots her, if her shield is gone shes just gonna stun you or run away.


Self-explanatory :man_shrugging:


I sense a sniper!

Or tag team her. Shield only goes one way


cant i hef no friends and communicating doesnt work many times cause the players rage leave the voice calls


One, Widowmaker.

Two, Hitscans are getting ahuge buff to falloff damage, so…

Three, hitscans aren’t the only long Range heroes. Go Hanzo. Or Pharah. Or Orisa. Or Zenyatta.

Four, you can also outplay her by going heroes that can beat her at the range she’s limited to. Mei. Doomfist. Bastion. (Debatably) Zenyatta. Etc Etc.

Five, the biggest counter to her is teamwork. Attack her from multiple directions, and she’s done for.


You play on Pc.
You have a keyboard.
Or you can be sniper.
Or you can play one of the many other counters.
Like your main…


Just gang up on her 4head


ok im just gonna give you a youtube video that explains everyting you just said AND
also gives some ideas on how to fix this swedish thing

ignore the thumbnail


Except it does.
If you have one go at her from behind and one go from the front, she had to watch out for two and her shield isn’t a 360 degree of protection, and is only one way.
She can’t have her shield to protect her from attacks coming from different directions.


Your fallacy here is that anything can be beaten by teamwork


when her shield is gone, she literally cant stun. if you destroy her shield, she is super vulnerable. and run away? with what kind of mobility? without shieldbash and shield, she is just a big target. fascinating how people still cant adapt months after she came out…


Just throwing this out there, but if the Devs hadn’t ruined Sombra, she’d be the perfect counter to Brigitte.

How about, rather than nerfing the balanced hero, we buff the underpowered one so it can deal with the balanced one?


she has two Croud controll skills its enough plus if its a 1v1 situation you lost no matter what except when your phara and your high enough. If not brigittes left click kills you


i repeat: when her shield is gone, she cant shield bash


thats actually true it even got mentioned in the vid, i agree here