Please Elaborate On Projectiles

Can we please get an example of which characters this effected and how?

What was going on before, and how does the fix work?


In means projectiles would appear to hit players when in actuality they did not, meaning your client predicted wrong.

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Will this fix the issue with Ashe’s gun since it feels like projectile and not hitscan?

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My problem has been Junkrats physics projectile. Its the only one like it in the game and it often passes through enemies even when fired in a straight line… so im suspicious about how the client would be the problem if the server isnt registerig it…

Yeah man it’s confusing as hell tbh. Hope the patch actually fixes these annoying bugs.

To provide clarification, there were very rare instances (less than 1% of all games) where players may have perceived projectile impact or heard the sound cues of damage, but no damage was ever done. This fix affects all heroes’ projectile abilities.

Thank you.


Thank you Tom!

Does this address junkrats projectiles passing through hitboxes and explosions dealing zero damage?

To expand on that. We are well aware of how interpolation and extrapolation work over clients and servers to address hitscans. What is unclear to many people is how physics driven projectiles are resolved. Currently they seem to lag behind , because of their time requirements and speed difference, its not like Hanzo’s bow or Pharah’s Missiles. You cant cast a ray and check it over time with Junkrats genades.

So when we see an impact, not just hear an explosion, and it deals zero damage, and the grenade ceases to exist, and there’s no perception of any lag of junkrats projectile exiting the barrel, then , there’s very few options as to why there was no damage. Similarly shots will pass through the edge of enemies, and have done so more since the last change where junkrats projectiles size was reduced roughly by half (radius of a sphere reduced by 1/3 results in ~1/2 its original area).

The major factor would be resolving a physics driven asset across clients each with their own latency from the server , and trying to display it properly for the shooter, for whom it should exist ahead of the opposition, and the opposition, who needs enough time to react.

So, Specifically, is there any way to explain what is going on with junkrat, explain how it is, or is not like other characters “projectiles”, and how, if any , this patch fixes him?


So does this mean no more Junkrat grenades phasing through enemies?


Does also fix the issue of Pharah’s projectile explosion not happening? It really threws me off when I hit someone and there’s no response, the projectile just dissapears without explosion, but damage is dealt

does this fix junkrats nades going through peoples hitboxes?

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Must be out for Thanksgiving.

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he could be :3

will this fix when you see a tracer bomb stick its target and you even get the notification of it then die and it dissipates into the favor the shooter abyss?

Not sure that counts as a projectile. Theres a lot of … PROBLEMS… with how ults and deaths work right now… which goes Allllll the way back to when people complained that Genji would retain his ult when slept or stunned… so instead of denying him that, they changed up how everyones works, reclassified what genji’s type of ult was " transformative" , and then kinda… screwed up how thrown ults work. Like Tracers bomb or Mei’s Blizzard…

once it leaves the hand I would think it would then be a projectile but with how animation wind-up work its my understanding that if interrupted during the animation it is negated however I am referring to when you toss mei ult or tracer bomb and see it land and hear the sound or see the “stuck” then die at that same moment and the ultimate fizzles due to on the favor the shooter they may not have seen it depart but the user has. I understand that will probably still happen regardless based on how their ults work and favor the shooter works but I am curious if this is going to lower that at all.