Please dont tell me that OW is rigged


So ive been playing for a while now and i actully had a blast!
After such a long time i finally found a game which just binds me to it.
But there is one thing that is VERY concerning for me (so much that it actully made me quit L OMEGALUL L after playing it for 6 years (and more but it has been a big factor)). Please dont tell me that comp here is rigged just like league.
And with rigged i mean that this game forces you to stick to a 50% w/r. You’re doing bad? here have these good mates. Doing good? NOT ON MY WATCH (gets matched with mates that are bad to even out the game).
But how have i come up with this conclusion? Well i actully started out at gold, and i was able to stick around there too. Next season i got ranked like 200-300p under gold and i could play my self farely easy close to gold (i was like 7p away from gold). But then the next day it started. I got losing streaks without any end to it and i started to lose every game more and more p until i lost (IN JUST 3 DAYS) almost 500p. Now dont get me wrong there have DEFENENTLY been games where i just lost because i just played trash, BUT the losses caused by my teammates were overwhelming. Its just ruining the gameplay for me IF its true (wont make me quit though since the game is actully fun and action packed unlike league).

TL;DR: Is Comp rigged that forces you into a 50% w/r?
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No, it doesn’t. This has been explained repeatedly. The matchmaker tries to get you even games as much as possible against players at the same skill level as you. The RESULT of this is, ideally, a 50% winrate. The winrate itself is not forced. The “evidence” to the contrary is merely confirmation bias.


Ok thanks guess its me then. Thank god lol


Yeah, don’t worry about it. We all get loss streaks, and it sucks, but the game isn’t out to get you. Make the most of it when you can.


No clue about comp but down here in mystery u can see how its badly rigged, the higher win streaks u have, the higher chance of u getting brand new accs under lv 50 that have clearly no clue how to play.

Once u lose that 1~3 games depending on how much win streak u have u pretty much dont see them anymore and u get the usual mystery regulars till u get your win streaks again.


Remember that if you truly want to exceed past your current rank and climb, it does take more time and investment on your part. Which includes but is not limited to:

  • Investing in better equipment (computer, internet, mouse, keyboard). (It is staggering how many players play with systems below the recommended or even the minimum system requirements for Overwatch.)
  • Maximizing your in-game settings to the fastest possible performance (see my guide for tips on this)
  • PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Not just play Competitive, but play in scrims, anabot aim practice, aim hero, OSU!, explore the maps with different heroes. Etc.