Please don't listen to the Brigitte haters

You know what’s even sadder. That you Brigitte players intentionally ignore all of the community’s complains that come from all kinds of players, pros, streamers, tank players like me, etc, and instead you desperately try to blame this all on DPS players and make it seem like it’s just Genjis and Tracers who want Brigitte tweaked.

I think most of us see right through this act.


The “Pros” are just like us. They hate news things. Also the competitive meta in this game too shallow to rely on their words to balance anything.


If and I say if, Brigitte needs to be nerfed then she should be


The flankers are salty because now they are dying as much as everyone else.

Now Zen has a body guard, and the meta might finally stop favoring mobility so much.


She would be a blast to fight against, but she isn’t because she has so much CC you can’t even play Overwatch.

All the excuses are the same. “Keep your distance” “salty genji and tracer players” etc.


How is she a blast to fight against? Either you get close to play the objective and get stunned and killed, or you shoot at her shield from farther away while she backs off a bit. How is thats a fun fight?


Sure some members of the community are complaining, while the rest tested Brigitte in any type of situation to found her strength and weaknesses while she was in only in QP and now have no problem dealing with her in competitive
Its not because they spend more time crying on forum than actually trying to learn how to counter or work around her that their opinion deserve this much of attention


+1, good sir/ma’am. And what’s even funnier is they used the argument of “This hero is a blast to fight with and against since it forces teams to coordinate and work together to take her down.”

Yet one of the most stale complaints I see about Tracer is, “She requires multiple people to pay attention to her and take down!” lol (Which isn’t even true btw.)

Anyway, as much as I hate the current state of Brigitte, I can somewhat agree with the OP in that I do not want her overnerfed and destroyed, like happens with so many knee-jerk nerfs.

The Rally nerf seems fair. Shield Bash fix seems ok, but probably won’t make too much of a difference against tanks, sadly. But, I’m fully in favor of doing minor tweaks to see how things pan out instead of just beating her to death with the nerf bat like a few people seem to want.


I mean imagine being a player, who’s more of a casual and less of a skilled one. Constantly facing high mobility heroes that you can’t aim properly against or defend yourself due to non coordinated teams.

Now you can be a support and pick a hero that not only can 1v1 them all and win almost everytime, but also contribute a MASSIVE amount in terms of healing and armor too.

So now, you’re still the same casual and low skill player who can challenge higher skilled players effortlessly. It definitely feels good for them. Some people aren’t looking for practice. They just want easy answers, because in their minds, everybody else is trash. They’re great, and the only reason they can’t climb is having bad teammates, while heroes like genji or tracer which are SUPPOSEDLY in their minds “OP” are killing them.


Thats great and all, but i wanted to know how the hell someone could think fighting against brig is fun. Like the OP said its a blast to fight against her.


Brigitte meta
Coordination required

Pick one.

It’s a brainless, slow as molasses slough and anyone who thinks this stuff requires actual coordination are clearly the same that believe the pinnacle of “coordination” is not trickling into point 1 by 1 and understanding such a base concept as grouping up. :joy: Sorry, not sorry.


It’s too late. She’s being nerfed to F tier. Looks like the mob has spoken – dive will the the only way this game is played.

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witch is what is killing/will kill the game focus all on the pro competitive esport aspect instead of fixing the matching making or making the other modes more enjoyable

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Again. Same logic. Now since she lacks mobility in comparison to genjis and tracers, she’s a slow moving target. Easier to hit than a tracer spinning circles around you. The same logic was here when people talked about how they actually liked Triple tank meta.

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Nice meme.

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I’m not sure that you know what a meme actually is, because what I posted was not a meme. You may disagree with it. You may consider me to be an unperson. But what I posted was not a meme.

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Easier to hit sure, but most of the time all you can do is shoot her shield, which I dont find fun, maybe some other ppl do i guess.

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:scream: I’d never consider you to be an unperson, wtf?

Anyway, you were serious? You REALLY think she’s going to be F tier after her nerfs? :joy:


I don’t think you know what F-tier is.


Basically the little Tracer main full of hate that she finally got a solid counter who should’t be allowed to give his opinion cause he have no argument than insulting other users, If you know how to read correctly you should see that i was aware of the rally nerf and that it is fine since the armor stack is nasty anyway so honestly your little “translation” just prove how childish and ridiculous you are

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