Please blizz, fix your servers

Tonight i got kicked off thanks to the servers twice.
Once when i was doing my support placements and once while was playing on tank.

The first time i got kicked right at the end so i couldn’t log back in time, the second time i was grouping up with my friend, i got kicked once, i went back and then my friend told me that when i got kicked out again other 2 people left at the exact same time and that the game closed.
There was a message saying game closed due to server error. I lost 50 sr and i got a 30 minute ban. Se didn’t get any penalty. Why?
This is just sad, i can’t play comp like this.

Blizzard servers are currently getting hit by a DDoS attack, not much they can do besides standard countermeasures.

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I see. I still don’t get why i get penalised for this tho, especially when the game closed due to a server error

Well that sucks, dunno what else to say.

Your client thinks it’s a sever error because of how it losses connection. From the server side it just sees you disconnect. This means you could have done anything such as pull out your network cable to fake a disconnect because you didn’t like how the match was going. People would abuse this to no end.

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Blizzard explains why penalties are still applied to disconnections here:

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