Please Add more Competitive Modes

I’d like to see ult charge retention, but I’m very much in favor of hero stacking. Perhaps some restrictions could be made, but I strongly disagree with removing dupes entirely.

I want comp CTF to be permanent. I greatly enjoy the game mode and figuring out the Meta for it. It gives a whole new importance to the defense class as well. Characters out of the Meta in the main comp mode are very Meta in CTF. it gives those Sym, Torb and Mei mains a mode to really excel in. I want to keep comp ctf for good.

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Competitive Deathmatch??? Please? :smiley:

I’d vastly prefer more time invested into improving “normal” competitive mode, instead. Is the current ladder the vision for the future? There have been so many ideas from the playerbase, and I know you (Blizz) have some too. Let’s work on improving the permanent thing, first…

Competitive Total Mayhem would do it for me. :ghost:

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That sounds terrifying, but I guess no worse than competitive no limits, or my dream of competitive mystery heroes. It wouldn’t be my go-to mode, but it could still be amazing.

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I would love a 3v3 comp!!!


Niiiiice “mini” comp seasons are amazing I really loved comp Lucio ball but I can’t say the same for CTF I’m ALWAYS losing in ctf

yay! that would be awesome!

Comp CTF is some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time in this game. Thanks Jeff. I personally didn’t like copa lucio ball though. It changed the game too much.


The problem is splitting the player pool.

I would just like to see different ladders for pre-made groups and solo queue tho. The current system penalizes players who don’t have room in their life to schedule games with a team on a consistent basis.

Don’t worry, they have Tons of players… not saying have all comp mode at the same time, but rotate monthly in arcade

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That would be awesome, 1v1 please! :slight_smile:

FFA Comp would be nice since you wouldnt need a team, but it would be all hogs/moiras so eh.

A Uprising that rewards CP wouls be awesome

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I’d just be really happy if Competitive CTF stayed.

Yessssss. I would love this. It would be cool to get medals for overcoming certain comps.

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Competitive Mystery Heroes

Let us jacks of all trades shine. :smiley:


I am surprised no one mentioned competitive 1v1. That would be a lot of fun. Take out orrissa and sombra and keep the main DPS and other heros that are fun to play against 1 other opponent. Lucio ball was pretty fun as well.

Good. I was getting incredibly jaded with Regular Competitive.