Playing soldier giving me bad headache, possibly motion sickness?

Played 2 rounds of junkenstien as soldier back to back wins and my head is POUNDING. It’s like trying to watch tv while sitting on a jackhammer while doing physics and math problems in your head processing whats in game. I dont know why it got so painful but once the match ended and the screen stopped shaking there was like instant relief. popped into test range and used sombra no increase in ow from shooting hers did soldier a bit and it hurt a bit more increasingly.

Like wow that caught me off guard guess theres a reasons games dont shake for 10 minutes straight lol… ow


yea it’s painful, I will not play Soldier in this state.

Maybe it’s due to the little horizontal recoil ?


There was a recent balance change to how Solider:76’s pulse rifle works that may be the explanation behind this.

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With the new recoil on Solider76 it feels like I’m constantly fanning the hammer, having to hold down the right joystick just to balance the recoil is ridiculous and my hands are actually starting to hurt like wtaf.
It needs to go.


I’m always tired out after every round with Soldier even before this chance. Tracking heads while spamming ADAD crouch is draining.


yeah i know bout the update myst, just saying the new visual effects are too much. Short periods of time its fine but in this state I could barely function like 5 min in the 2nd game

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I’m landing more shots but new recoil feels horrible.

BTC was saying they changed the recoil so that first few shots barely move…that you could essentially play him exactly like you did before (if you were a burst shooter - only person I’ve heard say this by the way)…

I have zero idea if true or not (I pretty much just played Ashe and Baptiste in junkenstein yesterday)…but if true that might help you out :man_shrugging:t2:

0 truth. Go to practice range and fire at the wall without dragging mouse down. the pattern goes up in a straight line. previously was a dot that widened.

Just relaying what he said…that recoil is barely there for first few shots

I’ll try him out in a bit (once I finish my other morning gaming routines…lol)

theres left and right random movement as it travels up, you cant just push against the recoil and have a perfect laser

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They did. On experimental left-to-right shaking was way crazier. Now screen feels a lot more stable.

i personaly dont experience anything playing Soldier76.
Except the fact that i have way more fun now and i’m way more effective with him. :ok_hand: