Playing OW as a Girl is Playing the game on "Hard Mode"


Nah, megaman7’s claim just isn’t true on any level. Women have proven themselves as ‘frontline soldiers’ or rather in combat situations in multiple wars and military conflicts.

Women in the Red Army weren’t mere meatshields either, that’s gross revisionism. Some of its all or mostly female units were highly decorated and the recruitment of women into military service is one of the key decisions/elements that won the war for the Sovjets. This is also true for the successes of the kurdish forces in Syria.

It’s quite baffling that people still believe in this myth.


If only :laughing:
More often than not if a female is in game every guy turns from a testosterone driven rage machine that will tell you all to go kill yourselves, to being a perfectly amicable gentleman more often than not (although probably not for the most pure of reasons) . The difference is hilarious as no one knows how to act and starts filtering what they would normally say.
Heck a lot just stop talking in voice out of sheer social ineptitude.


I’ve played this game for ~700 hours and I’ve experienced that like ~2 times.

On the other hand I got a LOT of hate, people told me to die, kill myself, die in a fire etc. they told me I’m an autist and a retard for playing Roadhog. This stuff happened like 100 times.

Do I keep making threads about this crap?



This i have experienced. I jump into a match with a group of 4 and one guy gets made fun of because he is acting completely different because a girl is on the team.

From what i was told he was cussing the enemy and his friends in the previous match


I think some women assume guys are all just having a great time in guy only comp games.
Truth is more often than not there are death threats, “delete your game/s” being chucked about, name calling, personal attacks and all sorts of nonsense going on.

This is almost reduced by 100% whenever a girl turns up in VC.
It’s both fascinating and awkward at the same time :laughing:
The behaviour is so unbelievably filtered you can literally hear people having to think as they talk.


The only point they made was that the team the Ellie account got into so easily, is just sexist. They exposed themselves by so quickly picking up a fake girl account that it’s obvious why they did it. You know why. They didn’t even do background checks or anything.



What’s apparent though is your nonsensical complaining.
The internet is toxic equally.

Men play the internet and videogames in hard mode.
They don’t have a bunch of whiteknights to defend their feelings when someone says a bad word on the internet.

Sure, toxic insults are gonna be sexist, because, duh, men cant insult others for being men.
They choose other toxic insults for men. Whatever they can come up with.

Youre not special btw.
Had plenty of women in my matches insulting others for their male gender.
As I said - the internet is toxic equally.

If you want to argue that toxicity should be reduced - more power to you - but don’t pretend diminishing the roles of others in the toxicity distribution of the internet would be reasonable.

Kind regards
Hugh Mungus


That’s why you don’t use voice chat.


You literally proved yourself wrong OP.
The fact that white knighting exists is the reason.

Do male players have someone “white knighting” for them? NO.

So the same way some people is sexist and will be harassing women, a GREAT portion of players will stand up for that female player and blast the sexist harasser.

It is what it is.

And yes, toxic people is going to be toxic. If you are not a girl they will just mock your accent or call you a tryhard if you try to suggest things or check your profile to throw BS. Guess what : We all get harassed.


Thats a lie.If you are woman in game you will get better treatment than the men.I played WoW for very long time and woman were given breaks for bad performance in raids,more loot,more groups available…

Also OW I get bashed each day and don’t have problem with it.Just don’t respond to it.Or if someone says for example “you suck” just say yes I do.It shuts them up.If you start to argue with them it will just go out of control.

Yes there will be sometimes comment made towards woman in the team like,get back to the kitchen or what ever.Like why does that bother you that much?I got called so many things in my gaming life that I could write long list of it.Some people are idiots and you will just have to accept it.


“I’m so sorry you had to experience these awful things, anon#345345”

“Youre just making claims with no proof and reinforcing a stereotype”

“This is the opposite, when there’s a girl on my team I play better and we all are much nicer to her/try to impress her so we play better”

“I’ve never actually seen this happen but that’s just me”

“Sadly it’s the internet so it’s unavoidable.”

There I put down every possible common response to this type of thread, now we can move on :smile:


Women also are more likely to get on pro teams than men for simply being good cough ellie


“It never happens in my game!!”

That’s great, that still doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. For those that never seen toxicity against women before, this is one of the reasons why most women don’t use comms and have anxiety of talking into the mic.


I frequently meet girls in LFG and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them get harassed by group members or the enemy team simply for being female. However, Ive seen your typical “toxic player” attacking men more.


Worst I’ve seen is teenager always asking them if there little boys. And even that’s rare.


tanks and supports get tossed endorsments for playing support or tank. they are needed role and very few people want to play both. so tanks and supports get tossed endorsements essential as bribes to keep playing those roles. never been in voice chat yet have been given shot caller for just being decent with reinhardt.
this had nothing to you being female and everything to do with trying to bribe players into playing certain roles


so how many games did they have to play to make those videos or do they just try to claim its every game ?


If I see a cut, I’m not gonna keep watching.

… I hear people joking around, then cut and I stopped watching. rip.


… can’t download that without signing up… Gist?
I understand the hypothosis but what kinda study was it? Sample? Data?


Annoying, but not toxic and hateful.