Playing in 2 Person Group, why is our SR difference growing?

A friend and myself played 10 placement matches together. On the 10th match, my friend DC’ed due to stormy weather in the NE. Our team actually won the match (DC was towards the end), but my friend received a loss whereas I received a win. As a result, our initial SR difference was around 250 pts (~2550 vs ~2300) after the placement matches.

I’ve noticed that every single game we’ve played, I receive less SR penalty for losses and greater SR gains for wins compared to my friend. 50 some odd games later (we’ve played together on all but 1 competitive game), our SR difference is approaching 400. And this is with me having disconnection problems one night and got penalized leaving the game 2 times (about -100 SR) at the beginning of a match (match would not load for me).

Is this the way the system works and Is this intended? I hesitate to compare to WoW arena, but it would seem that if two people with different SR (MMR) ratings played together, their ratings would converge, not diverge. Is there a solution to this, other than purposefully tanking my rating?

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Get better at the game. You are clearly having less impact per game in comparison to your friend.

There is individual performance based skill rating adjustments at ranks Platinum and lower. This topic helps explain more:

One of you is being carried.


Interesting, didn’t know Platinum and below was still using the old way of SR.

My friend is a Mercy main, so other than Gold healing, I’m not sure what else can be done.

There is loads that can be done. Medals mean virtually nothing (unless a tank or heals has gold dps, then your dps players suck) But think about more than just the numbers. Positioning, awareness, ult economy, target priority, risk and reward and so much more all become part of your sr loss or gain

Unfortunately none of those things can be measured by PBSR which leads one to question its existence.

No… They all lead to providing more value to your team which is measured by pbsr. It accelerates good players to get out of bad players games. This is a good thing. If you aren’t gaining more SR than losing then you don’t belong in a higher rank.