"Player Took Damage" Event Does Not Trigger If Player Is Specified In Event

As title, specifying the event “Player Took Damage” to a specific player (e.g. Sombra) the rule will not activate at all.
Here’s a sample rule: YD9S1
(Press Interact to harm yourself and the big message You were harmed will appear if the rule activates)

I believe, the Player Took Damage event, in general, will only trigger when a player takes damage from a player. So if the Attacker of a Damage action is not a player (is Null), it won’t trigger the event. Which is why damage from Bob or Torbjörn’s Turret will also not trigger it. (It works the same way on live servers at the moment, as far as I know.)

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Previously, this was not restricted and would activate whenever a player’s health was lowered. As such, this is a PTR exclusive bug.

Hm, weird, I just tested this again on live servers. It behaves the same way for me there: If I set the damager to null, player took damage is not triggered.

Edit: Sorry, you are right of course. I looked at your share code now. Player took damage seems to be totally broken in practice range (it works in other modes for me as long as the damager is a player).

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Thanks for the report! I had a look at the issues you guys have reported here. For the actual damage events, damage events currently only process when both the Attacker and the Victim are proper players. So the below comment is correct:

However, you did catch an issue! In all game modes, your damage events (when both Attacker and Victim are Event Player) are actually triggering. However, it looks like there’s an issue where Big Message(…) is failing specifically in the Practice Range game mode. I’ll look into that particular issue in a future patch.

Overall - it looks like your damage events are triggering properly, regardless of what you have in the Event target fields (i.e. Team/Player). Hope that helps!


Will there be any plans to change this to include when the server hurts a player?

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