Play overwatch in Mac

i seriously want to play overwatch, but i only have iMac, but overwatch isnt run with mac…

Get a PC - Mac isn’t meant for gaming.
Even Linux machines are better for gaming than mac.


Partition your drive, my friend games that way on his Mac.

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You sir speak the truth. Macs were never designed or intended for gaming.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan did say this about the game coming for Mac in 2017:

Lead Engineer Bill Warnecke also responded to a similar question about Linux:

Use Apples Bootcamp to run windows on your iMac. It wont run as well as native MacOS but it will allow you to game on it. But do tons of research for compatibility and such to make sure you dont have any issues.

Download Bootcamp and download Overwatch on the Windows Partition. Ez Pz. it might be really bad quality but atleast it’s playable.