Play of the Game BS

Bad POTGs are funnier though.


there’s been a few times i got potg as mercy just for 1 rez and some heals. I would class that as a bad potg

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People watch potg? I usually just leave after the defeat or victory screen.

Does ult kills give less fire points? Just wondering because I thought that the POTG has to somewhat linger rather than just an instant quadruple kill and nothing following up.

Bastion gets it less and less the better you get in both QP and Competitive. I hardly ever see him get it these days.

There is nothing more valuable to us Genji mains than play of the game. NOTHING. Gold medals, high damage, winning, who cares about any of that baloney? If I get all that, yet don’t get play of the game, I’ve failed my mission.

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probably not?

it should be the same

Then i guess it makes for it to POTG is fire points per minute, I think… :dizzy::dizzy_face:

Well, for me, because if they’re my PoTGs then they’ll be in my Highlight section anyway if I care to view them. But either way, after 3+ years in the game, neither the PoTG nor the card votes matter to me anymore.

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That doesn’t answer the why you’d always leave, in place of just letting the next match start

Oh, because a vast majority of the time, others have already left. So the next match isn’t going to start, it’s going to send me back to the menu screen and a new queue anyway. Might as well just get the ball rolling.

If you destroy tank mode bastion before he kills anyone, you get the potg.

Once went on rampage as Bastion, was killing everyone left right and center. The POTG was enemy Lucio booping me out of map the moment I pressed Q lol


Plus, if I am playing something like Mystery Heroes at the time, a new queue is damned near instantaneous. So, I’m already in a new match before the PoTG and cards even ended in the previous match.

Ive done that before lol. Not all ult shutdowns get potg

That doesn’t really help


They’ve definitely changed that recently, because I’ve been getting queues that are literally instant (or like… 1-2 seconds tops).

Yeah, I remember when Jeff posted that, because in that thread I personally called him out on how idiotic that was.

Fun Fact: I, indeed, do in Mystery Heroes. I leave, hit the Mystery Heroes button, and load into a new match immediately. And there is no way PoTG and the cards ended already in the last match.

So either something changed, or that algorithm isn’t in Arcade. Because, yes: I do.

I stay to show sportsmanship. I mean it doesnt matter but I like to see my stats and vote for people to be a team player

Better than Moira POTGs. Those need to just not exist because 90% of the time, it’s just her tickling someone.

Since now it is faster to start a match by leaving than having to sit threw a potg and voting on cards.