Plannerguy - Failed to Connect to Matches, Suspended from Competitive

Hi, My Ps4 account name is Plannerguy. This request is with respect to the issues i was having while playing the Competitive matches in the last two weeks. While on the queue for the Comp, I get error saying unable to connect to Server. This has happened too many times and now I cant join the Comp match due to Early leaving penality system in place, even though i was unable to join the match at all. I never leave a match purposely. So I need my comp account back wherein I have invested about 1000hrs of my time. I am okay with loosing the SRs but i have spent money and time in the Overwatch game only to get banned due to errors from Server connection. Let me know if you need screenshots of the issue.

Hey Plannerguy,

This is a quote from our FAQ on leaver penalties. While this may seem like some kind of server level issue, we aren’t seeing any recent ones that would have caused this in your area, certainly not enough times to get you banned from a season or anything like that. This indicates that the problem is with connectivity. You’re basically failing to connect AS you connect to the match. With competitive, we use a different system than other match types.

This is intentional. Leaver penalties are not removed for any reason, so if you’re having connectivity issues we recommend that you troubleshoot them. If you have more questions about the leaver penalty system with regards to tech, the thread I linked above has more information.