Place Noobs in High Diamond

You put people in diamond and higher but they can’t even understand their 2 abilities from their kit and they place like trash. Baiting their whole team to just die last and not even use any of their abilities until they’re in a 1v5 and still miss every shot and they want to tell me how to play and they want to talk trash to me. But if I reply, knowing i’m the only one getting all the kills and moving and distracting and pushing cart, then i’m the one who gets in trouble for actually playing the game correctly and trying to win the game.
You see the problem you trash company blizzard?
More than 90% of your playerbase is absolute trash and this is why very, very low amounts of good players are playing your game and the rest of the 99.99% of good players are playing different games.
Blizzard hoards bad players like they hoard trash in their house and refuse to take the sht out. You won’t get good things unless you take care of the trash. Trash doesn’t clean itself and the trash players of your game are a pure example of that when they’ve been playing for 1000’s of hours over 8 years and they are still refusing to learn this simplistic game and you still rewards them to be in good players ranks where they can suck and ruin everyones time because of one terrible braindead company.

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