Pinning in OW like Apex Legends

Since playing a lot of Apex Legends, sometimes when playing Overwatch I want to pin things now out of habit. If you aren’t familiar, the pinning system in Apex works like a communications menu we have in Ow, except you can pin locations with more specific data. I believe this would be a great alternative for people who don’t have mics, since this is a very communication oriented game. Let’s face it; if you don’t have a mic by now, chances are you aren’t getting one any time soon. The way it would work is if you see an enemy you put your crosshair in their direction and hit a key to pin that location with a red signal. This would be an alternative for callouts on enemy flankers for players who couldn’t say it. Spamming “Group up here” really doesn’t give information. Pins could have many uses: places you want to go, enemies you want to focus, even whether a health pack is off cool down. This solution would hugely improve communication in my opinion. The comms menu is due for an update.

Jeff already commented on this, he noted the sentiments a lot of naysayers did primarily that it would clutter the game as well as not provide much benefit communication wouldn’t already solve.

He also suggested that Bliz had tested the idea already, and decided not to use it.

It works well for Apex as the BR battlefield sized maps rely on both communication and precision at distance. Overwatch arena sized maps are much easier to coordinate using simple comms and callouts.

Don’t you mean Ping? Also:

Overwatch maps do not equal apex maps. Map designs are different and makes it nearly impossible to select the spot that you would like to ping for your team in OW. Think of it this way… in order to ping in OW, you would probably need to use a reaper shadow step targeting system to identify the different parts of the map which would not be as effective in OW since the game is fast pace and the maps are smaller… unlike apex.