Pink Mercy returns in Feb along with a new Hanzo skin

Bundles have not been sold yet until OW2. It will drop in February however.

…which is why I said so long as the money goes to the charity like before. If Blizzard sells it just for their own profit then that’s a problem.

Or are you saying you don’t care that the charity skin becomes a for profit skin for blizzard?

Lmao, this made me laugh so much, and idk why.


Again that’s all this becomes a big but and if fest and I’m not here to humor that

Well… I know. And I am not saying that they will do it. I am saying there is no evidence that they will. And some evidence that they won’t. We cannot say what will happen in the future. But chance of that skin coming bag is really slim…

Why do Mercy mains want a mediocre skin so bad?

If this skin didnt exist I wonder if this fiasco wouldnt be happening. Or a different skin would be the cause. I dont care either way, I like her dragoon and Atlantic one better.

:angel: :bow_and_arrow: :love_letter: soon <3 guysssss

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If this is true, it defeats the purpose of the original skin’s special origin. In my opinion.

I hope they change it a bit…but knowing them they’ll probably just recycle it.

I’m praying, on my knees

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I’m thinking it’s A pink-themed Mercy skin and not THE Pink Mercy skin. But seen people just be absolutely feral over it.

I’m saying I don’t like or trust Blizzard, and there’s so many charities that have been dishonest in how they operate that I personally wouldn’t donate unless I put in the effort to see how that money is used in most cases.

When I spent money on that Pink Mercy skin, my state of mind had already considered that as a possibility, but I didn’t look into it because I wanted the skin anyway.

Past donations for breast cancer awareness was made to another charity with no incentives beyond doing what I wanted because I could. That’s for me to decide for myself, and I thinking that others should feel the same for people they don’t know is kind of naive. I still have faith in humanity, but we humans tend to care more about ourselves. I just happen to be a person who cares pretty deeply about others legit struggles.

So I don’t get all high and mighty for those asking for the skin to return and wanting an incentive for donating. It’s not their obligation to do it out of the kindness of their heart instead of wanting something in return in the pink Mercy case. And in Blizzards case, we may never truly know how effective that money was going to the right place being used for the right reasons.

I hope it returns in a form so others can get it, or get one similar or better. So what if players are upset? It’s a freaking video game skin.

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Same here. Have no problem them bringing it back if they donate to the same cause.

I agree with this, it’s why I do that same thing, and BCRF is legit so if that helps any worries about that.

Like I said all I would like to see if now if it ever came back was that proceeds go to the charity. That’s all right now.

People just want the skin and don’t care about the cause-I would like if they could admit that but that takes away their moral stance on it returning.

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He’s really bumping this every day getting people riled up.

I’m here again to say, he’s outright lying at this point.

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BUT IT’S PINK!!! :expressionless:

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Fair. I can certainly agree with that as well. Honesty is so much better than trying to BS your way into getting what you want out of life.


Better than getting rick-rolled

I think it’s the opposite. The people who don’t want the skin to re-release are the ones who cares about rarity.