Ping system in the new wheel

While the wheel is being redone I think it would be great to have a ping system in it to allow for some great communication between player. I look at games like rainbow 6 and that ping system is very simple but extremely useful

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Jeff Kaplan has responded a couple times about this explaining that the small map size of Overwatch makes this somewhat unneeded.


What kind of things can you ping in rainbow 6?

we’re still experimenting with ping concepts. junho has been championing this idea for some time.

we wanted to get the communication changes out as soon as possible though rather than wait on the ping experiments to yield something.

we’ll keep trying.


who is junho i never heard of him


Wow WYOMING. You are still on? I hadn’t seen posts from you in awhile lolz. can you better explain to us all, what is this “ping” idea exactly. There are like a billion iterations out there of ideas, lolz.

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Overwatch really doesn’t need a ping system, we have enough visual clutter on these small maps without 6 people pinging god knows what.


not surprising he isnt even listed as a dev on the forums unless thats his username not his real name, if junho is on the forums reply giving us lots of love so we can give it to you in turn!

Please separate “I need healing & come to me for healing” for support heroes! when they press the “I need healing” key bind!


Try turning the Group Up style circular icons above teammates heads to have an arrow that moves around the icon in 2d, relative to the pinged location.

(And for locations behind the viewing player, have the ping scoot along the bottom of the screen like a discord/turret indicator is behind the player)

✅ [Concept] Radial Waypoint System

Maybe have some lines on the ground, similar to the ones that show up at the beginning of the round.

I hope we can customize it ourselves for our unique playstyles. That would be dope. :sunglasses:


are you guys looking at making an overwatch survey sometime?

Why not tied this feature to a single hero? This way the game is not clutter with ping from every player, but treated as a free utility ability tied to very few specific hero only if played.

What was this ‘visceral’ nonsense that was mentioned before?, I’d be very interested on a ping system to compensate for my lack of communication.

according to linkedin he’s their lead UI/UX designer

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Plz do has much you can to bring a ping system atleast for supports and sombra. I will never or want to use a mic.

Jeff, quick question… that I’ve been asking for over a year now… are we ever going to get the rest of the OWL Grey Skins? Reason why not, if that’s the case, please.


i see you’re part of the cool “no caps” club :+1:

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they… kinda did with adding the “i need help!” button.

No they did not, when you press X to call “I need healing” to alert the other healer, and you’re looknig at someone it still says “come to me for healing”

I want to alert my 2nd healer for healing, not tell my whole team I need help when only the healer can help me by healing me…

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