Ping only bad in Overwatch PC

so im getting high ping in overwatch, its not my internet becuase i tested it with other games

CSGO: 30
LoL: 55
Overwatch Xbox: 80
Overwatch Playstation: 70
Tf2: 30
Overwatch PC: 166

if somone could help me out with this it would be appricated, i really wanna play season 12 with my freinds and not have to sit it out :frowning:

Moving to Tech Support


I have the same issue, getting 30 or less in every other game but in OW, it’s around 50 even in US and it spikes up really bad in crucial moments, resetting the router and renewing the IP/DNS flushing hasn’t helped me in my case, though they’re worth a try if you haven’t done so already.

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The servers are located in different spots, so even if you don’t have a problem with others, it could still be connected-related. Did you follow any of the steps offered in the sticky thread? Common Connection and Latency Issues

If so, and you’re still having issues, provide a WinMTR and I’ll take a look.