Pick my next One trick hero


Hey, some of you maybe saw my other topic with mercy experiment. I wasnt sure how long I will be doing it or how many games I will play, but since I am already at game 90 now, I will probably end at game number 100. I had fun with mercy, but she is little bit boring hero for me.

Right now I am in a phase of deciding which hero i will be playing next for another fixed number of games or hours. I honestly dont know what to play. Could be anything, any role, any hero. And I am asking you to pick something for me.

So give me Hero name . Since more people can asnwer give me explenation why the hero :). Most interesting answer win. :slight_smile:


Sombra. Hack will be super relevant with Baptiste immortality field around, and she’s very anti-meta. It force you to adapt a new playstyle


Doomfist. Fun, fast, risky , getting buffs very soon on live , and just in my own opinion he is downright the most enjoyable hero. I mean cmon, punching supports around with a gauntlet the size of a refrigerator :rofl:.!


Ana. The most rewarding hero in the game in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As a hardcore D.Va main I have to disagree






Soldier. He will teach you valuable skills in tracking while not being to demanding thanks to heal and sprint. And with his upcoming buff, I’m sure he will see much more play in ladder which means you would get a head start in your ability to play him once he becomes good.


Orisa. Would be interesting to see.


Roadhog. Works all time.


Support main. That should be your 1 trick


Give that new Symm a run for it’s :moneybag::moneybag:


Roadhog. For the balance of not feeding and hooking stuff inside your team for beating. And for the balance of flanking and actually tanking.


REIN…becuase nobody want to play him…and you’ll soon see why.


Thank you all for the interesting replies. After playing a lot of mercy i decided to go junkrat. I Hope i will have a lot of fun with him. I need it after being frustrated in games by playing mercy.