Phone Huh, Please remove that thanks

So ughh Mr blizzard.
I’ve been playing your games for a very long time, 6 years of World of Warcraft, Diablo 2 LOD for couple of years, Diablo 3 for couple of years, D2 Resurected (eww not a good experience), OW1 beta and bought it on release.

Why do i have to own a phone for SMS to “verify” my account again??
Can’t even play OW1 a game i paid for cause now there’s a 2 stamped on it?
I need to have a phone now to verify that i am indeed a legitimate player?
Surely you can see my past activities on my account and games i owned and played…

Can’t even play with my friends who do own a phone lol.
Now they making fun of me cause i don’t own one lol.
Are you CALLING ME POOR Mr Blizzard??
That’s very uncool of you as a company to make fun of users.

Fix this mess. I REFUSE to own a phone.
You will NOT force me to get one.
Get that idea out of your THICK head.
Not everyone own a phone, nor wants to own one.
Minimalistic people exists u know.
I’m one of them.

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well they are removing the requirement for older accounts starting tomorrow…but if youre new youre going to need one…

Isn’t that only if you played OW1 last year tho ? I haven’t played OW1 in awhile tho… So i doubt i qualify for that.

Any sauce of this info maybe???

Thank you, my life is better now knowing this