Philadelphia Fusion vs. Seoul Dynasty - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


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Seoul Dynasty
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Not sure who wins this.

Both teams have hot and cold moments.

Philly had ping issues, but they picked up some good last minute korean players to band-aid that.


My pickems say I chose Dynasty 3 - 1.

Guess I’ll stick with my gut and hope Profit/Gesture are in a good mood.

I think out of all the matches, this one might just turn out to be the closest one yet. While one might think the Dynasty 3-0 this, when you factor in the minimum latency feature to ensure a level playing field, this might turn out to be close…real close.

My pickems say Fusion 3-2, though I would not be surprised if I was wrong.

Edit: I hope this one goes the distance, so that the match end time lines up right when I need to join the first Geology conference session (which concerns how to build a proper resume, CV, and cover letter when searching for a Geology job…which I’m unfortunately lacking all three).

I started college as a Geology major. Then I got to that “job” part and lost interest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good night guys, I am leaving the stream running, but I need to get some sleep for now.


Pleasant dreams, Wyoming!


Well, this might turn out to be a great match…

Also, T-Mobile had some decent ideas for a Super Bowl commercial…so much so, one was banned from airing during the Super Bowl (Edit: don’t worry, the ad itself was fairly clean, but since it involved the use of 2 Patriots-turned-Buccaneers, it didn’t take long before the ad was determined it couldn’t be aired).

Leave Alarm alone! :sob:

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We should call the police

We are witnessing a bully

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The good old “crap, we’re losing. let’s just go rush” play.

Good morning all…anything interesting from the early matches?

Seth keeps calling team kills “Aces”.

Too much of that other game. :rofl:

Apparently, both teams left their defensive tactics at home…

A Torb was used earlier, and a Junkrat was used. Only hero we are missing now is Roadhog, and we will have seen all the heroes used in one weekend.

Valiant won a map. Molanran is good at the video game.

Carpe is feeling himself. Bad news for my pred.

Well, my hopes of this match going the distance, and thus ending right when the first session of the Geology conference is starting is not looking too good right now. And neither is my pickem result…


Oasis (Control): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Seoul Dynasty 1

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Philadelphia Fusion 4, Seoul Dynasty 3

MATCH SCORE: Philadelphia Fusion 2, Seoul Dynasty 0

NEXT UP: HALFTIME, followed by the second half of Fusion vs. Dynasty. The Philadelphia Fusion are on MATCH POINT.

At least you picked Philly to win. You’ll still get a +1 on the pickem total. :frowning:

Actually, I just checked my pickem, and like a dummy I made a last second change to Seoul 3-1 before the picks locked. I’m doomed.

We go together! :skull: