Philadelphia Fusion Vs. Dallas Fuel (3-1 Final)


You forgot Snillo

edit: also Neptuno lol





After Map 3


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Hanzo’s retool is most likely coming on with the next stage of the Overwatch League alongside, Mei & Reaper’s changes.

Stage 3 had already started before any of these patches actually came out of the woodwork.


Cocco AKM playing like my typical Zarya team members. Hold ult until the best moment that never comes / use it as soon as it is ready.

Edit: AKM not Cocco.


Yes it does (sorry totally forgot), here are the Patch notes:


You mean Stage 4? I’m okay with that. I was asking since Wyoming didn’t mention him in the list of changes coming live tomorrow…


akm was on zarya not cocco


If they don’t sneak in more balance changes we’re screwed lol


you’re right I’m dumb.


Cocco was just solo Shattering


Thank you! I was afraid they’d just leave him behind in the PTR for some reason… Now my soul is at peace.


AkM dies with grav OMEGALUL.
Seagull is trying hard but jesus christ AkM and Unkoe are not pulling shiet weight.


as much as i love seeing lots of moira play i wish it wasnt by unkoe’s hand :disappointed:


Never thought I’d say this, but with Effect in Korea, they need to play Taimou. Anybody is better than Akm.


what was harryhook doing right there by himself lol


“akm is in trouble” what a surprise




Dallas being backcapped? Nothing new there


I was looking away and when I heard the excitement I looked at the screen and the lack of excitement from Philly made me think they lost it in overtime until I read your comment :stuck_out_tongue: