Pharmercy just ruins this game


Tell us again how bad the Pharah was that beat your entire team with just a healer.


At least you can just not play Sombra. Not much you can do if a teammate does and won’t get off, though.


I only play Sombra. Don’t make fun of me : (


Welcome to console overwatch :slight_smile:

Pharamacy > Snipers is OP on consoles


THIS. Yeah sure taking out Pharmercy can be doable if the other 4 on the ground aren’t trying to get me as well.


It’s 100% a loss when your LFG-locked DPS are ineffective hitscans or no hitscan at all. You have to spend the whole match getting pounded in by uncontested Pharmercy.


Well, the risk of having crap allies is one of the reasons I never group. Had a friend once that insisted on Widow or Sombra every round, and he wasn’t good at either. shudder


Yeah pharahmercy is the top one dps pickrate on gm and master on ps4.

Blizzard dont want to see that is unfair and unfun to play against something that you need a lot more effort/skills to counter than play this. And the pharah team the only thing that have to do is focus the anti air enemy and let the pharahmercy play with no any problem on the air.



It’s not that hard to counter. My widow is pretty bad but even I can hit two body shots in a row and take Pharah out of the sky. I can’t kill anyone else mind you, but I can act threatening enough to force that swap


It is still in the PTR so all of this is subject to change

The Pharmercy wings are clipped, not removed just clipped.


We still will be forced to play a hitscan because the enemy can come with pharah and we still will lost the point if the enemy kill us hitscan and no one can hit pharahmercy.


Bad hero designs


"We still will be forced to play a counter-sniper/winston because the enemy can come with Widowmaker and we still will lost the point if the enemy kill us and no one can hit Widowmaker


Bad hero designs"

See I can use your argument for nearly anyone


It’s a little different, because there are a lot of ways to counter a sniper, and I think diving them isn’t even the best (I favor barriers).



If the enemy have a good genji, all members on me team can kill him. We arent forced to swap to winston. Sure… swap to winston is the best way but you will not lost the teamfight if you dont have a genji specific counter.

If the enemy have a good winston and you team pick reaper to counter him… if the enemy kill you reaper, the winston will not be free to play. Because the others 5 members on you team can hit winston.


Sombra. Translocate into the air. Hold down M2. Profit.


If only we hadn’t nerfed the one hero who could lay down heavy fire, and secure large areas.

Specifically in the SKY Above it.

If only we hadn’t gotten that hero gutted. -.-

Mad about dive being so hard to counter too?

Welp. I bet you wish you had a very strong hero… something like a… Fortified Sentry gun or something…

Not like there’s one of those in this game.
You’re out of luck.


More common in ~gold elo and below.


wait, I just came from a thread that said snipers (specifically widow) can’t be killed because her counters are countered by brid…

I’m very confused now. :smiley:


The problem with pharmercy it is fun for exactly 2 people. For everyone else its boring af even if you beat it.


Maybe the Torbjörn rework will help out a bit if it turns out to actually make him better.