Pharah on console

I play them, but dude it is so hard with 160 damage per shot !! she is so powerful and hard to aim without mouse and keyboard !

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I play on Xbox and I honestly don’t think Phara and Mercy is that much of an issue. I don’t even see them played often I see more echo and Ashe than Phara.


I mean we just can’t do nothing except deal with it cause it’s the way it is.

lol come to ps4 !! all games pharah is a must !!

Xbox Overwatch and ps4 Overwatch are like two different breeds lol.

no, seperate the PC buffs form the console puffs !

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I play ps4 too and I don’t think she is an issue. I don’t see that much pharmercy anymore since echo, mccree, and Ashe (+mercy pocket) are popular right now


Is this trolling? I almost never see a pharah in ps4 and when I do they get countered and swap immediately

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Do me a favor and show me why Pharah needs a a nerf after this last update

It’s all in there, you might be looking for a Mercy nerf.
I have never had a issue with Pharah on PS4, in fact it’s the opposite I with she was more useful.

I believe there needs to be a low-mechanical skill way of dealing with aerial heroes.

You can counter hitscans with team comps, but can’t get the same type of value a good hitscan brings.

The game has a balance blind spot and that is long-range targets. The weapons with the longest range are also stupidly high burst damage.

Torb’s turret gets melted if it’s used to stop back line snipers/pharah/echo, and can be peeked and outranged by those aforementioned heroes.

Something needs added or adjusted to deal with this issue.

which server are you playing in ? lol come to EU or ME server , I think that you’re the one who is trolling , no wonder why your profile pic says all

I haven’t seen pharah literally at all since anniversary even started :kissing:

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Pharmercy only exists as frequently as Pharah’s pickrate at most.

On XBL at your rank, it’s at a measly .81%. On PSN it’s a whopping (/s) 1.87%.

Sorry, but statistics disagree with this statement.

Her splash drop off is incredibly steep, 11.08dmg/.5m. You need to move more.

I dunno what role you prefer to play, but if it’s one that is capable of contesting a Pharah, I recommend passing it off to someone who can if you’re having that much of a problem with it.

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dude, you play on PC and spent more than a 100 hour on pharah I dont expect you to say that she is OP, however wait til the status of the 21 season to come for the PS4 and you can see how frequent pharah is being played.

It’s odd how PS4 and XBox play out so differently. I know on PS4, Pharmercy was rampant on there. Seems like it’s not a problem on Xbox, which is interesting.

They do need to tone it down on console. The only way to deal with them is with M+KB. And even then, pray the Pharah player isn’t using M+KB.

Well we don’t have to wait for anything considering it’s been more than a month since the patch released, how about we cross reference stats on Overbuff from 1 month to 3 months and see how far of a jump she made in Diamond shall we?

XBL: .01%+
PSN: .07%+

How about 1 month to 6 months

XBL: .05%+
PSN: .09%+

Wow, <.1% jumps in both instances for both major consoles, how terrifying

Sorry bud, the stats really don’t agree with your assertions. If she made a >.5% Jump in a months time from three months, then we’d have something to chat about, >.8% in six then you’d be on to something.

Across 2 accounts, about 800-900 hours to be precise.

And no, she’s really not OP, I’m surprised you think she’s so blatantly so. But my bias has nothing to do with that assertion. Do me a favor next time you get a match with a Pharah, try and figure out how many shots she takes you out in with no assistance from enemy damage. Might be a tad difficult, but I have an average number in mind based on my own experience, let’s see if it matches up.

If you want tips, I’m more than happy to help you figure out some solutions to combat her of course. I might be arguing against your points, but I’m always willing to help out if you’re truly having issues.

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Mad respect for whipping out the Pharah these days with all the classes filled to the brim with hitscan characters, shields and aimbot ultimates.

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Echo+Ashe combo destroys Pharmercy even on Console, I’m on Low-Diamond and Pharmercy isn’t really that much of a problem unless your dps refuses to counter them

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And with Zen’s buff, albeit small, makes Pharmercy wish they never attempted it. My DPS swapped accordingly to McCree/Ashe, so I went Zen. It was awesome as we managed to secure the win, but also a little sad because they never swapped off Pharah.

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I bully Pharahs as Widow, and my aim is not great lmaoooo

I have a DPS only alt at around 3.3k on console and find Pharah to be very easy to dela with.

HOWEVER, I can not understand why some idiots just refuse to switch to a hitscan and prefer to stick to Junkrat and Tracer against Pharah and thencomplain about losing.