Pharah is no longer fun


When did I ever said that guiding shots is a problem? did you read what I wrote?


maybe i misunderstood but the way you said increase in fire rate wont help you in duels made it sound like you cant hit a fool


What I was saying is - that even in live I don’t HOLD left mouse button to shoot with Pharah - I take the time to aim as do Pharahs of the highest level do - we don’t hold our left mouse buttons to shoot rockets (unless it’s at shields or choke points)
we take the time to actually AIM and that takes time even in live - we shoot SLOWER than the LIVE version of firerate to have successful direct rocket hits.
So increasing that firerate which we don’t use anyways doesn’t actually give us anything…


idk dude. all i know is i was seriously worried about this change and now that i’ve actually tried it i think the new phara is noticeably stronger


more specifically im able to hit large tanks faster and for more damage. i was able to melt hamster rein and orisa way way fater than ever b4


Not at all, even top tier Pharah player Valkia who is famous for his inhuman direct rocket hits said that if this change rolls into live he’ll probably stop playing overwatch since he likes overwatch for Pharah and it feels like it ruins it for him. And I agree tbh. It doesn’t feel fun anymore to focus solely on direct hits without feeling any reward from them… they are exactly the same while splash is nerfed.

When the devs posted this:

I was scratching my head, because increasing fire rate DOESN’T increase your direct hits
but ofc like all the controversial changes - despite the fact that basically most Pharahs from all tiers are screaming stop blizz will make it live - feels like feedback is redundant anyways. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


must be playstyle preference cuz all the people on ptr i played with also agree that she got stronger


From what it looks like it seems most folks think it’s a buff while Pharah mains know it’s a nerf

and to simplify it as much as possible
direct rocket hit does 120 damage on both ptr and live
while splash does less on ptr compared to live…
that’s a raw nerf right there - splash is (was) part of Pharah’s toolkit powers
u take that power away - and you’re left with a shell of what it was


does anyone know forsure if this splash change affects her barrage?


k dude. phara is my favorite dps and i dont need a calculator to tell im more of a threat now, especially to large targets. i must be mistaken because my phara is so bad that i woldnt notice he difference if the difference sat on my face, but you sound like a pro so i’ll take your word


I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say anything about it - but if the rockets that are being shot are just normal rockets - then I would say it would probably be a bitter side effect to this already bitter taste


“If these changes go through, I might not play Overwatch anymore” – Valkia, #1 pharah player. Go watch his latest twitch video where he plays on ptr. He repeatedly calls it a straight up nerf.
Check out from 1:33:09


I’m definitely not a pro, but I’m also definitely confident enough to know do on my Pharah what I’m supposed to do (or at least I would like to think I do) while I try it even though My mechanical aim is not as good as i would like it to be - highest I’ve ever gotten is 3800 and sat around 3500



Concussive Blast

Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds

Rocket Launcher

Attack speed increased

Lowered recovery between shots from 0.9 to 0.75

Damage redistributed between explosion and impact

Explosion damage reduced from 80 to 65

Impact damage increased from 40 to 55

Explosion knockback reduced by 20%

Self-knockback range increased by 25%

straight out of the patch notes for 9-21-18


What’s your point? I’ve read them it doesn’t contradict what I’ve said

¯\ (ツ)


if you really wanna get technical, “Explosion knockback reduced by 20%” is a buff in itself because her targets are grouped tighter. but there is definitely an impact boost, 15hp


That’s actually a HUGE nerf dude, normally a good Pharah will be able to juggle a her target soldier/widow/mcree/watnot with 1 rocket into the ground lifting the target up and following with another rocket direct to finish it off… they nerfed that playstyle as well with that

Her targets on high level games are definitely not grouped together, they focus on eliminating her - and the game is who gets to jump who first to eliminate the biggest threats like the hitscans etc before even thinking of going for other members of the enemy team.


That Valkia video makes a nice point: there’s no real way for Pharah to know if she lands a direct hit or not.

Might be nice to give any projectile (like Pharah’s) that can’t head shot a “ding” (like other weapons get on a crit hit) if the projectile gets a direct hit. Minor QOL change.


Agreed, that’s something I would love to have.


I feel you don’t understand how direct damage rockets work. The rockets have two different damage values, direct and splash. The splash at best is 65 damage. The direct damage is not just 55 damage. It is 55 damage + the 65 damage which means direct rockets deal a grand total of 120 damage which is the same as PTR. Her direct hits do not deal more damage. They deal the same.