Pharah is dead and needs changes


Meaning, it’s just another thing to make Pharah even more dependent on Mercy.


Just an FYI, Hanzos arrows move at max 100m/s while pharahs rockets are 35m/s.

  1. Hope they add more mobility for Pharah
  2. Try this awesome technique from Reddit


Okay thanks. Just quickly checked the wiki and it said 35 and 38, also BOB can be headshot and everything a player can.

The simple fact is, projectiles suck. Not just for the user but the defender too. Projectile by their nature have a bit large hitbox, and since they have travel time can be hard too hit, but also suffer from “Luckshot”. Fire enough in the general direction you’re bound to hit something. It’s been a problem since days of TF2. People hated Demoman and Lucksman Sniper.

People don’t like this so they complain, fair. However what you get in return is Pharah’s damage reduced unless perfect shots, Junkrat projectile size made smaller and harder to hit, and Hanzo… well Hanzo got the ability to fire faster, may not be a great example… >.>


It’d be nice if they gave her the same kind of buff they did for her hover to horizontal movement.

Early game hover barely have any lift, now it can take you up higher and much more smoothly.


Blizzard panders to the overpicked favorites like Tracer, Widow, Hanzo and Genji. They nerf absolutely everything that begins to even remotely answer these heroes because the 85% of the player base that onetricks these few exclusively will then cry so hard that Papa Jeff will pander unconditionally.


2 things, pharah as far as i’ve seen and played is that she has to be very sneaky, pretty much a flying reaper.
the other thing about her ultimate is that it’s really freaking hard to use, you want to be kind of close but not too close, and you also want to fire of a regular rocket before hand otherwise the most dangerous target won’t die fast enough to shut you down.

but yeah pharah is a bit tricky to put into the meta because of hitscans, and lack of hitscans make pharah reign supreme.


on higher Elo pharah was able to outplay widow, so i don’t believe she should get buffed even if I’d love to see her movementspeed buffed since i wanna play her more often :stuck_out_tongue:


I never understood how people considered Pharah changes a nerf. She shoots faster which is a dps buff how on earth is that a nerf? She can kill a squishy pretty fast up close with good aim. And a character that can fly and effectively make half the overwatch cast useless deserves to have a lot of counters.


That’s part of the problem though. Same with Reaper. You need to be sneaky, which is already hard and due to increases in healing by adding stronger support characters or general buffs, then add in reducing her radius you need two VERY well timed shots and hope no one sees you and just kills you or CC’s with half a dozen abilities. Reaper it’s just very hard to tear through all the healing and shields.


Ehm, that’s been in the game from launch you know ?
Any average Pharah player knows this.


Nobody said the fact that she shoots faster is a nerf. We just said its not a buff because you can’t fire faster than her old rate and still be accurate anyhow. The nerf is because they moved her dmg.

This means that you MUST rely even more on direct hits to confirm kills, but the problem is that you have a projectile that only moves at 35m/s so it is really hard to get direct hits unless you get really close, but getting really close puts you in a lot of danger and makes it even easier for hitscans to kill you, hitscans that recently just got buffed even more!

I think this is pretty straight forward.


Correction: The PSN population. I have never seen an xbox player complain about having to hit her.

I agree that she does need changes but small ones. Largely better lateral movement airborne and being able to cancel barrage.


I wanna say shes fine, but with Mercy in a bad spot shes become her pocket, so I haven’t really played against any solo pharahs to know for sure. I think her fire rates a little much imo


There has always been very few Pharahs at the high ranks though since hitscan players are generally good. Most of them are playing goats this season (like Seagull who’s one of the few top 500 that plays Pharah).


More like, the average Pharah player knows how to fly real high and spam, even if they did know this, they may not be good at executing it. I rarely ever, if ever, see a team-mate Pharah player do this at platinum to master.


True, i want my Egyptian Goddess back!


Pharah is pretty much unplayable now.


I just posted my stats from just before, middle, and after the changes.

My direct hit accuracy fell by 11%, my overall accuracy fell by 5%, and my damage fell by 3k.

I encourage everyone to look right now at their stats from season 10-12 and post the same.

Bare in mind, I’m a 477 hour Pharah main who practices daily and has been maining her since season 2. These changes should’ve affected me positively, but instead I’ve seen a significant downturn.

Season 10 - 53%
Season 11 - 48%
Season 12 - 48%

Direct Hit Accuracy:
Season 10 - 28%
Season 11 - 21%
Season 12 - 17%

Season 10 - 16k
Season 11 - 14k
Season 10 - 13k

Here’ s the catch, even at the highest levels of play, you’ll see the same results. Lower Direct hit accuracy across the board from season 10-12. And it’s only getting worse. These changes did nothing for players who know the ins and outs of Pharah.


I’d be happy with reduced or removed self damage, so rocket jumping is ever a good call without a mercy around.

Increased aerial control would also be nice as would less time before getting momentum when reversing direction.

Increased lift from fuel so you can climb faster, crouch causing you to fall faster, perhaps you initially fall at the current velocity and increase speed when holding it longer.

P. S. Self damage could stay if 40-50 of pharahs hp is converted to shields, that way she can do it once and regenerate but not spam it to get around