𓂀 Pharah ideas thread


I think the fast fall would be the only thing that isn’t OP.


the armor buff is a big no no: youll destroy bronze and console
the concussion blast buff might be op on the right hands
everything else is gucci, specially the fast fall


Like the fast fall and the side dashing. Maybe you could give her faster fall when not using jets but 2 charges of her jetpackboost. That was you can drop when youre in danger but have another straight away.


I suspect the devs might be contemplating +1 damage on Soldier.


The armor buff completely ruins S76 and Dva as counters and does absolutely nothing to Widow, her real threat in high ranks.


Well they did just buff every hitscan in the game.


More mobility in air would be great. Really love the idea of the fast fall and mid-air dash. Even though I know it will make it even harder to kill her for me :sweat_smile:


The ground pound 2.0
I like it


It’s hard to make Pharah better without making her stomp pub. Or make her function without a Mercy without making her function better with a Mercy.

How about this?

Maneuvering jets - juke sideways or forward quickly by hitting interact while moving in the air. Or, downward by crounching. 5 second cooldown.
Concussion rocket - removed.
New E ability - suit self-repair. Requires you to be standing and takes 1.5 seconds, during which you are immobile. Fully heals you. 20 second cooldown.

Also, if needed - you can now move at 25% of your normal speed during Barrage.


Holy cow, those are great ideas, I’m a big fan of being able to cancel ults.


Potential for pharah to have 400hp? no ty. :black_square_button:
Ultimate could could be less spiky though. :ballot_box_with_check:


No idea where you’re getting this from?


We can only hope ;/

I would love these changes but I don’t know what they’ll do…


Cant wait for you to take credit if she gets 50 armor


No spoonfeeding, learn the game mechanics. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so confused.


I think either the in air strafing(airdashes)
As well as the fast fall would be perfect additions to help her out.

And to those people who say she’s fine- Multiple Junkrat mains agree she needs a buff of some kind
I’m 1 of them. To be precise I’m a 450 Hour Junkrat 1 trick advocating for pharah buffs


I think he means 400hp with brig and torb armor


But, 200hp versus 150hp and 50armor, is still 200…


I better start practicing Pharah at this point. It may just turn into a bad time for everyone who doesn’t.