Pharah gets countered by too many chars in the game


Or shields honestly, so she doesnt have to ALWAYS rely on Mercy.\

I swear, the only time Pharah is on, is only when Mercy is on as well.


When you say hanzo, genji, orisa, mei, and wrecking ball, ur really reaching.
Hanzo is still projectile and although the best counter outta these is still not a hard counter.

Genji gets to dash up and throw 2 bursts of shurikens every 8 secs.

Orisa has a slow moving projectile, so… No

Mei is like hanzo, you need good predictions.

Wrecking ball : damage falloff called he’d like to speak with you


I like how you mixed soft and hard counters. Anyone who can shoot long range is a harder counter than anyone who can get up to her height for a few seconds to land a hit or two.

Ana, Ashe, Bastion(Recon and I suppose Turret form if the Pharah’s mistake is to be out in Bastion’s sight while he’s locked down long enough), McCree, Soldier, and Widow are her hard counters because they can shoot her no matter where she is whether near or far.

D.Va and Genji can dive AT her, but can’t do much as gravity soon takes effect. The most they can do is land a few hits in before they fall again.

Hanzo, Mei, and Orisa are guide shots, meaning they have to be able to either lead their target or guide their shots very well to be effective against a Pharah.

Sombra and WreckingBall are chippers, meaning they will only chip off parts of her health as they are not meant to shoot long range.

Symmetra and Torb(as well as Torbs Turret) are, well, not so much counters as they are traps. Their turrets normally are destroyed long before the Pharah will choose to engage openly in the fight. Sym’s are only effective if the Pharah is flanked by surfaces close enough and high enough for her little friends to even consider damaging. In a wide open area like the outside gates of Junkertown, a Sym will be hard pressed to do anything to a Pharah unless she’s hovering low enough or close enough to the gate of Junkertown.

So, by that logic, everyone has way too many counters because they all have the potential to damage just about everyone.


You literally listed anyone who can shoot her lol. I’m surprised that reaper isn’t on there with the reasons you’ve been giving


On PC this is true, on console she needs heavy nerfs.


Orisa is pretty easy :wink: Look into the halt combo.


Console is a bad platform for FPS and it’s not their focus. Making the game cross-platform was a mistake to begin with tbh. It’s made balancing a nightmare.


Someone is complaining that the hero with infinite rockets with extreme precision, who can fly, has too many counters? Yike


her winrate is lower then on PC :smiley: no she doesn’t need nerfs.


“Extreme precision”. You realize that they are the slowest projectiles in the game behind junk grenades, right? They are insanely slow. They’re only “precise” with good prediction or if you are close enough for everyone to have a good chance at killing you.


It’s going where you put it. That’s precision. Someone being bad doesn’t make the projectile any less precise.



Until every char in the game can at least interact with Pharah u are barking up the wrong tree.

Tell me who wins pharah vs brig 1v1.

And lol at sym counters pharah, that would be a crap pharah, trust me I play sym a lot and can only even interact with the crap ones, the others know how to fly…


And she counter the other 14 very hard.


Aside from shotguns, every weapon in the game is “precise” by that definition.


Phara’s strength is that she can fly. Her weakness is that she can fly. That is to say, positioning is everything. If you are getting pinged by so many heroes, you might try not being where they expect, ground Phara from behind a shield, or switch heroes because they are countering you.

Based on many of the heroes you listed, you are probably not flying high enough as well.


Pharah’s intense burst and access to the entire map (while slower than other “free” characters) means she can kill anyone who counters her within 1 second. But that’s only if she gets the drop on them and is about 5m close to them so they cannot escape or properly retaliate.

But her hurtbox is the size of Reaper’s, so she is extremely easy to chip away at. And the fact she has no cover and is way above the healer’s LOS means she’s very easy to handle. Funnily enough, much like Reaper, she’s deadlier and harder to kill when she’s up close. Her lofty 30mps projectiles with 2.5m AOE are easy to ignore if she’s 20m+ away in the sky and she’s not any harder to hit.

Er… Due to his no-cooldown wall climbs and double jumps, he can easily get out of Pharah’s 2.5m AoE from the 30mps rockets she fires. While on the return, he can just spam MB1 in her general direction. If she drops to 75% or less, Genji can quickly approach her and just SS her since her hover/cooldown jet doesn’t place her much higher than 20m off the ground (which he can reach with a double jump and a SS to seal the deal and also refresh SS). Her hurtbox is also roughly the size of Reaper’s - just - you know - flying around without cover.

Genji can soft-counter every DPS due to his kit’s flexibility and burst potential if he gets close (as lethal as headshots from Reaper). If he’s losing even after getting some hits in, he can easily escape and the fight still ends in his favor because he gets to charge his extremely powerful and low-charge-required Ult. It’s a “skill-based soft-counter” so he doesn’t get as much **** for it as he should. And because if he is nerfed his huge fanbase will complain (which is sorta fair because his kit is so bloated and reliant on the bloat that if 1 part is nerfed, it might just fall apart and he becomes post-nerfed Junkrat/Doomfist).


Sounds like a bad Pharah.

  • She has 0 Falloff Damage at any range for her Rockets.
  • The turret has a fixed range.
  • Pharah can play corners to get shots on it safely.

Also just because a hero is able to shoot you doesn’t mean they are a counter. I can hit Phrah pretty reliably on Lucio but I’m not countering her because of that.


57.9% Winrate with the second highest DPS pickrate (after Hanzo)


ahm… My Stats show something completly different.


Overbuff, PSN, GM. Is it different on Xbox?