Pharah gets countered by too many chars in the game


Ashe and Widow are arguably the best DPS to kill pharah. I must compliment the fact you decide to use your brain while playing, good job :smiley:


I started playing them because I have 200 hours on Pharah and I figured it was good to learn and understand my counters. Something I think a lot of people should do. If you’re having trouble with a hero killing you, play them.


Pharah’s don’t understand how his range works, them flying and his RNG messes with them, making the duel more in his favor than one would assume. Doesn’t work on all maps though.


Moira? Roadhog? Sombra? Symmetra? Seriously?? The all lock range. Stay high in the sky man…


You forgot Zen. I have matches a lot where Im directly hexacountered at once by all six enemies (ashe, widow, dva, ana, mccree, zen) and it just sucks. What other hero can say that?

Besides having a literal head-to-toe suit of flying wings and jet boosters and not being able to fly forward more than 2mph, the real issue is all the ults that are guaranteed, zero skill and aim required, free kills on pharah: deadeye, tac visor, bob, self destruct.

It’s almost like she needs a divedown button like in her highlight intro, Blizz hmmm

You have no idea how often as a pharah main I type in chat since launch: “Genji stay out the (bleep) air you’re not a flying hero” when he just has to swift strike straight upwards then kill me with dragonblade, like stop being so extra…For naysayers, there’s honestly only a handful of high ceiling maps…Nepal…Lijang…That’s honestly it (prob missing 1), the rest are medium where most ppl can reach you,

and there’s a few bs ones with low ceiling that EVERYONE can hit you even if you are bumping the ceiling (looking at you in particular Anubis)


last one is right :smiley:


Now that list gets sliced in 3 if you play somewhat decentlyvor have a mercy with you


And there are only like 4 heroes that DON’T counter Hammond. Cool it dude, pharah’s fine, but talking about easily countered, Pharah doesnt get anywhere close to the hamster


Only Ashe, McCree and Widowmaker are the real problems for Pharah. Genji is very annoying and hard to kill too. The rest are easy pickings.


Mei’s icicles are very slow and the rest of her kid is not useful. Orisa’s halt would never hit a decent Pharah, it’s too slow and lacks range. Symmetra can’t do much against Pharah. Torb turret is supposed to be countered by Pharah. Also, there’s a significant chance that Pharah will survive hog’s hook, especially if she’s being healed. If she does, she can do concussion blast to immediately leave his range and return to safety. I thought new Dva is supposed to counter Pharah, but no it’s not. When Dva rushes into me, I just use concussion blast and keep shooting. Dva is an easy target. Hamster is a fun target practice for Pharah.


Because you’re always at exactly 200 health as a Pharah in the air? I’m not talking about theory-crafting. This is a common occurrence for regular Pharah players. Genji is a soft-counter for her as he has the ability to deny her typical hiding spots on maps with cover and has the ability to close and damage her heavily in the air.


Genji is a nasty pestering fly that is too small to hit with a rocket.


At lower levels shes an absolute beast. Takes so much of the fun out of the game.


tahts cause the others can’t aim.


Orisa and Wrecking Ball? Having the capability to shoot at Pharah is not all it takes to counter her lol


That’s perfectly okay, because she can two shot majority of those characters. So, it plays out and she needs a nerf / rework anyways.


Which is exactly why they need to rework her. I fully agree with you.


She’s one of the least picked heroes period once you get above Diamond. She falls off hard high plat and on. She doesn’t need a nerf. She’s never needed a nerf. Two-shotting a majority of the characters requires either luck, inhuman prediction, or proximity. Once you’re close enough for the missiles to not have to be guided by the ability to tell the future you’re close enough for most heroes to be a threat to her. The reduction of her splash damage exacerbated that issue. Now she’s pretty well useless without direct hits.


half those characters dont even counter pharah


Ranked does not matter in my case. She dominates QP like no ones business because Including myself no one can shoot her out of the sky. She needs a rework or a nerf because of that. It’s similar situation if they kept Hog’s one shot, it dominated QP and lower ranks, but not as much in the higher ranks. But, they still nerfed it anyway. Same thing needs to happen to pharah.

Bob was a good start as it reduced her pick rate.