Pharah gets countered by too many chars in the game


Winston is also a solid counter because his barrier provides full protection from her shots and he’s able to get at her. That’s only with an un-supported pharah though.

Counter not as in kill, but severely reduced effectiveness.

Torb’s turret, depending on team comp and map layout, can also give her a ton of trouble.


Pharah’s shield break is amazing, and its relatively easy to burst down a monkey.

If the monkey wanted to reduce effectiveness he would improve his positioning and force the pharah to take angels that allowed his hitscan to kill her. If the monkey is trying to take the 1v1 against a pharah he ends up reducing his effectiveness more than the pharah’s

I might be able to see it in a very small set of situations. Pharah is one the best heroes to shut down torb


This is largely dependent on map and team comp, but his bubble is really good at shutting down her flanks.


Then he wastes his bubble, which is on a very long cooldown, and allows the rest of the pharah’s team to engage while the bubble gets no value


Preventing damage and the death of teammates while giving the team time to stabilize, target the pharah, and force her to disengage is not a waste any more than booping a reaper away from your team is a waste of concussive blast.


Genji to some part

only because its hard to kill Genji as pharah but its also pretty hard to kill Pharah as Genji, you’re better off ignoring eachother







Torbjorn’s turret



Since the bubbles health is only 600, it is very easy to burst down. That’s a very small window, and even if it does allow his team a very small chance to recover it isn’t nearly enough to say that pharah is countered by it. A small nuisance is all it provides, and in my opinion ends up being a good trade for the pharah’s team.


lmao countered by moira, genji, symmetra and roadhog :joy:


Symmetra gets countered by every hero, not pharah


then why do sym mains always argue with me when I tell them this…


Pharah can easily stay away from his hook range

Yeah he is a hitscan, with quite a heavy falloff dmg


Pharah gets countered by herself for being such a bad hero right now


Pharah v Pharah is the true test of skill, don’t @ me


Mei: Snipecicles, ability to regen health and win the 1v1 duel.

Orisa: Halt makes Pharah an easy kill for hitscan, her shield shape and ability to fire at range while dancing in it also means pharah has to catch her off guard.

Symmetra… ehhh maybe her turrets situationally? But otherwise no.

Torb turret, as said, is strong in the right situation. If there’s shielding on the turret and if pharah is un-supported, it severely alters the way she has to play as much as a hitscan. But, again, that’s only in the right situation.

As for the 600 hp bubble, that’s 5 out of 6 rockets before reload. 4-5 seconds of shield break, which is a lot of time in a team fight. Then 1 rocket left before reload, which isn’t enough to kill someone, or reloading when it breaks, which is still more time. That’s a long engage. If your team is helping on the break it’s a lot more manageable though.

He can and does give her trouble, but he’s far from her strongest counter.

Pharah herself is the only hero in game with a self-damaging primary fire and one of 2 heroes with a self-damaging ult. The other one is Tracer, who can blink away/recall/otherwise be hyper mobile.

The self damage is bs. Not that it often kills me, but you’re left with slow projectiles and stronger hitscan at long range, hitscan at medium range is very happy, which is where you’re best, and short range being suicide because you’re just as likely to kill yourself.

Her ulti is useless at long range, easy to counter at mid range, and suicide at short range.


Yet 0 of 6 ppl can kill her when pocketed by mercy :^)


I understand that this is a nuisance for pharah, but as far as the points you’ve made go and my personal experience playing against monkeys, I don’t see him as anything for a decent pharah player to be worried about. I would also point out that either the other DPS is shooting the shield with pharah, or saving abilities to get a kill themselves once its gone. The long cooldown on the bubble is really what stops me from ever finding this a problem in gameplay or in discussion. Your other points do make sense to me, and I would say they do have potential to be soft counters


What? Headshot-body shot as an Ashe or McCree kills pharah even with pocket. Widow/Hanzo headshots kill her. Soldier can out dps the healing ez.

A decent widow/cree/soldier/hanzo/ashe can solo counter Pharmercy.


widow headshot, mcree, ana and zen if they work together to discord and focus, dmg boosted ashe… there are a lot of ways to beat pharmercy, its just that it takes good mechanical skill and communication, which many ranks lack entirely


I’m like an average hitscan player at best and I have no trouble taking down Pharah as Widow/Ashe.

Moreover, check Overbuff. Pharah is one of the least played heroes Diamond and up. She’s only as strong as the people playing her counters are bad.


Genji… Orissa… Roadhog? Symmetra??? Come on now.