Pharah gets countered by too many chars in the game


Play Pharah against a skilled Genji and you’ll know exactly what they’re complaining about. Genji can climb, Dash then right click for a kill. Not uncommon at all for him to ult, Dash Pharah for an easy kill, then Dash again on the enemy team below.

He’s a soft-counter at best, but he definitely is a problem for Pharah players. He can also get up to the little alcoves and hiding spots that Pharah likes to peek from behind and cause problems for the enemy team. Considering he almost never touches the ground, he’s a difficult target to hit with rockets as well.


What Pharah needs is a new hero that can block shots from a distance like Zarya. She is the only one with ranged damage mitigation skills…

I hope we see more heroes with defensive abilities spread out in the roster.


Oh valk is actually really good for dealing with pharah. You can get close enough to her quick enough that you can basically kill her at point blank range, because pharah can’t kill you unless she wants to blow herself up. I was half serious.

Of course only half serious, because using valk that way is kind of situational.


Pharah just needs the armor on her actual armored suit to start working.

100 of her health should be armor


Dude, yes, Pharah is in a bad spot at the moment, but most of the characters you put on your list are ridiculous.
Just cause a character can kill you, doesn’t make him a counter. Counters are characters you switch to, in order to deal with the character. And i have never heard anyone say “ey they have a pharah, switch to Sym/Genji/Bastion, Mei, Orisa, Roadhog, Torb, WB” before
The only real “counters” for Pharah, are Ashe, McCree, Soldier, Widow, D.Va. Characters that can help you out against her or are decent at least would also include Sombra, Ana, Zen, Hanzo.
Everything else. Just no.


50+120=170 Quick mafs. He needs more damage than that.


genji si too a real counter.


Just… no, you have to be a bad Pharah if Genji is countering you. Again, just cause he can kill you, doesnt make him a counter


What about mercy? She counters phara as well.


nope, as someone already explained your not right, Pharah gets killed by genji a lot.




This list is confusing.

uhhh Moira, how? Sym? WB’s guns only deal significant damage when used up close, Genji only if you’re really good, if the Pharah doesn’t suck Roadhog isn’t an issue.


and someone else debunked that already. Not to mention that the person you mentioned even said “a soft-counter at best”


I hope this is sarcasm.
Unless you are running around on the ground as Pharah, Reaper does not even come close to countering her.


did i say hard counter? No :wink: so. And no, just saying thinks isn’t debunking.,


Pharah hard counters too many characters for me to feel that bad for her being sniper bait.

Junkrat, Doomfist, Reaper, Rein, Zarya, Brig, Symmetra, Lucio, Tracer, Winston, and Wrecking Ball all really don’t have the strongest potential to fight her and have to rely more an ability to even hope to strike her. They can kill her, but it will take them a lot more effort and skill to outplay her than she needs to rain down on them.


as a pharah main, the counters are Ana, Dva, Mcree, Soldier, Widow, Ashe, Hanzo*, Zen*, and Sombra*

*Zen: Discord orb and no fall off
*Hanzo: Storm arrow, fast projectile and no falloff
*Sombra: Hack removes all flight

*s are my way of saying they are soft counters and still able to be played around without too much difficulty


Deflect is also one of the strongest counters to Pharah’s ulti.


I’m going to disagree with these.


I find deflect easier to outplay since you can aim it outside of genji’s range and kill him with AoE. If he’s in your face then yes you’ll probably die, but you rarely live barrages anyway