Pharah changes will kill symmetra. We need sym buffs


Symmetra hasn’t been countered by Pharah all that hard since her latest rework. Those turrets are freaking terrifying for a Pharah player. Arguably the faster RoF and lower concussive CD will help her against Sym more than she loses with the blast radius, but probably not by much.


Sym is fine. What we need is a buff.


There’s no " catching onto that concept "when the counter been outsmarted.

You won’t be getting any benefits from splash damage, but direct hit got buff. Slightly difficult even though I am not a Pharah main it’s not hard to decipher her gameplay. Her style never suited me, but I am decent with her. is fine. Sym needs a buff because an F tier is never fine. They have more flaws than a B tier hero which is


the difference is about 30 dps actually


Highlighting that point right there. Her direct hit shots did not get a buff.

She still outputs 120dmg per shot.


I always thought direct hit was impact

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – September 21, 2018:

Nevertheless not in a bad state compared to an F tier hero.


sys turrets need to stand up to munkey and dva fire for a few seconds for sym to be playable in all circumstances.

munkey and dva target sym turrets like a ant eater eating sweet ants.


Yup, simply a redistribution though.

40/80(original):55/65(new) impact/splash = 120 total.

You lose 15dmg per splash overall. So really it’s less about “rewarding direct hits” and more about “punishing bad precision”.

Firerate increase mean there’s a potential for more damage to be done, but you have to land more shots to pull it off. So it’s potential damage as opposed to actual damage.


No it’s lretty simple

A faster charge rate on her gun and more hp would definetly be enough

Of course she isn’t just a target but she isn’t going to put up much of a fight

She’s really countered by pharah and I’m fine with that, but sym is so bad overall that buffing her counter is basically beating the dead horse for her

My issue is that overall she is really bad and a pharah buff makes her even worse. That’s the point of this thread. Saying how a pharah buff is an indirect nerf to sym who is already struggling a lot

Pharah doesn’t really have to stay that far back to hit someone

I don’t see this as a nerf, sure you need to be more consistent but that isn’t too hard to do with pharah

Harder to aim with but better when consistent

Ease of use went down but power went up

Reaper and syms teleport are very similar with the exception that sym can tp her team

I mean I said I agreed that you shouldn’t run sym agaisnt pharah but whatevs


Imma go see who Sym is countered by. Hmm

  • Tracer

  • Hanzo (sniper

  • Widow (ditto

  • (no time to set up TP. Besides you’re already booped away from it.

  • Sombra. Hack her and she is defenseless.

  • Doomfist. (OHKO on squishy sym, no getaway option.

  • Brigitte (Not even gonna go into it.

  • Winston. (always has been a counter. heck.

  • Pharah (obviously

Need I go on?


You forgot the most important counter - mercy.
The pistol kills faster than symmetra.


OH YEAH!!! Mercy’s gun can fire 10 body shots (5 headshots) before sym can get her beam fully charged for long enough to get a kill.


What’s funny is that when I’m mercy i go fight sym all the time cuz it’s a free kill


I do the same with Zenyattas. Fly to enemy backline, kill Zen so my Genji can ulti.


I can’t think of a time where my team asked me to go sym

That’s an issue

And with the pharah change I’ll basically never hear it


Ever watched Seagull’s stream? He frequently rocks it with Symmetra at GM level. In fact he’s pulled up multiple times that his win rate with Symm is much higher than Hanzo now.

Of course he’s a very good player, but I hardly think Symm is “f tier” right now.


Yeah. Guess what ability he doesn’t use? Ever?
You guessed it. Primary fire. Even he knows its trash. He most likely uses her for the turrets and TP.


Actually, from what I’ve seen, he uses the teleporter more in mid-combat to juke around the field then to do any kind of cheeky team plays.

He gets the majority of kills with alt fire to be sure, but he’s also smart enough to recognize when there’s things like a Winston bubble in front of him to get the charge up on primary fire and do some melting too.

Point is, I feel like too many people think Symm is “f tier” because they refuse to learn her new play style more than she’s actually bad. I’m not saying she’s A tier either mind you, just that F tier is total hyperbole to me.


But the TP takes so long to set up, and it slows her as well when she sets it up. If the enemy team would destroy the TP… useless.


That’s why he uses it more as a reactionary tool mid-combat. It’s more of an escape/reposition tool like Widow’s grapple except quite a bit more versatile. He doesn’t frequently set it up and expect all 5 team mates to go through it as an engage before it’s destroyed.