Phara + mercy needs to stop


Every single hitscan and Mei got better damage at range.


Easy solution remove pharah or ressurection, either one fixes two large issues. Well, one issue mainly being mine but… :smiley:


Especially on consoles. It kills the fun of playing the game for anyone but those 2.


Bastion, soldier, torb, mccree, hanzo, widow… The pharah mercy combo doesn’t work.


I have nothing constructive to say here because you’re entire post screams “this annoys me so pls remove pls”. I’ll be the first to say it:

Git Gud


i know the counters but im just saying as a person who plays mercy its painful to do it every other game


As a mercy player… you can also just not heal the pharah all the time?

Pharmercy is a great synergy. No need to nerf that when it’s really quite easy to shut down either of the two heroes. The problem is that people shoot the pharah when they should shoot the mercy.


like i put i get reported for not doing the combo 100% of the time.
so your point is null.


Play Widow

Problem solved


Using the report functions for reporting someone not wanting to play the combo isn’t a valid reason.
You won’t get any problems from those reports.


I mean countering a phara mercy takes a lot more skill then playing said comboer


Nah because there is a hero called DVA in the game. Everyone says hitscan is the way to counter it but no, play DVA. Its actually insane how easy she is to fly up to a pharah and 100-0 them, even with a Mercy pocket.


It does not really work if you have a Pharah icon. Especially with a name like Zephyr. You need someone less biased to do it for you and, well, I am not that person because I hate Pharmercy as much as the next guy.


Tanks > pharah

I think it is time for the pharah one-trick to learn to hide behind pillars.


Lol, I’m not a one trick. And if that’s the way you think you are never going to climb out of bronze buddy.


That wasn’t a response to you.

That was a response to the general topic statement:

“oh you’re healing the dying tanks instead of me, IM REPORTING YOU FOR THROWING”


Well you pressed reply to me since I got a notification about it, soo I guess my bad then.


nice to see the crappy forums still haven’t fixed that bug. Haven’t quoted you until now to respond to this post :v


This is still in the PTR so it’s all still subject to change but it could help to clip the Pharmercy wings.


that’s cool and thanks for the link. but i was thinking more with my clip mercys wings thing was reduce her fly away time so she couldn’t keep up with a phara and could only go to her in emergency healing situations and not be her backpack. like maybe a 4 second timer instead 2 recharge time.

or perhaps a fly meter so she needs to recharge before being able to run away. (rien shield type meter)