Petra is too big

There are literally two jump pads, and they’re on the outskirts of the map, leading to only one highground point.

That doesn’t mean the high ground can’t be too high or be too much.

There’s also a lot of places where you can spawn and not run into an enemy for so long that you get an AFK warning.


Beautiful map but for the amount of people that play on it, it is way too small. I got the same message. Its just boring because of that.


Weird. I never had such problem.
Also it is very easy to figure out where the others are by the footsteps.


Okay it feels like they’re all over the place cause I’m always walking by them lol.

I agree but I like the layout with the center having three tiers of landings. I think it can make for a lot of really dynamic games.

I haven’t yet experienced this, but when I respawn I usually either head for the center or the area around the outer jump pad.

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I went and plugged in some headphones that I consider to be of nicer quality for this exact purpose during my games. There aren’t even bullet sounds. it’s THAT bad.


Got one too, ended up dying cuz I had stopped to read it, ugh.

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Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that.
The map’s cool and all but finding people is just a bit too difficult at times…


Weird… I don’t have that problem. I just listen for the sound of shooting or footsteps, and head in that direction. When in doubt, I check the pit area.

Don’t worry though…we were ensured that the mega health pack would be a point of focus…wa wa waaaaa.


I have lost multible matches on Petra today just by this. I was sitting with 5 kills above 4th place but once I spawned away from the fight and I spent over a full minute not seeing a single person. Got the AFK warning aswell. I hate spawn can screw you over so badly in competitive DM


I don’t think the size is the problem, it’s actually fun to have a map where you can have drawn out 1v1s and everyone’s not that clumped up. It’s the stupid inactivity timer that’s the problem. I really wish that the game would stop punishing active players and ruining the fun of deathmatch.


Man, I wish anyone EVER went there. I never see anyone when I check. There seem to be no guaranteed focus points on this map either.

No its not its perfect o.o

Omg I thought I was just bad, THANKS FOR POSTING THIS (tbh i’m Pretty bad but still the map is massive)

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I feel the same here to, Petra is way too big and matching me with grandmaster golden gun widows, soldiers and mcrees aren’t helping

Not really one for posting on the forums but felt compelled to. Petra is way too big and too difficult for a large number of characters to navigate quickly. By the time I eventually manage to find out where a fight is and then get there everyone has died. I have also had inactivity warning purely because I haven’t been able to find anyone for so long.

I agree this is a great map for pharas and widows, where Guillard really wasn’t but at least there are many other heroes that do have an advantage. I won’t be playing competitive DM because I just cannot play this map, sadly.


agreed! it seems way too big compared to all the others as it takes an age sometimes to even find somebody. in terms of the map itself its lovely!

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Using ult just to break the floor is pretty fun imo.

No one fights outside, remember.

There is to much RNG with spawn on Petra. I have walked around the map for a full minute multible times without seeing anyone.