Performance help


i built my computer about a year ago and it was a budget build, my CPU is an Intel I3 6100 and my GPU is the EVGA GTX 1050 2GB, I think i get around 100+ frames average with dips in the 70’s in some huge team fights. I want to upgrade either my CPU or my GPU, which would increase my frames more?


Just lower the settings…


I have my settings set to low already with 75% renderscale


Then IDK what is up. I have a geforce 760 and an AMD phenom 4350, both of which are completely outdated, with my graphics all at low, and I get a consistent 80-90 fps


Overclock your CPU, it helps trust me!:slight_smile: Had the same Problem.


These steps are great steps to check out to maximize system performance in Overwatch.