Performance based sr question

so what does it actually do, ive been under the impression that it boosts higher skill people faster but i just had a game where i dominated as mcree (38 and 3 on 2cp) and i got 26 sr in plat. i then played an average sigma in low diamond and got 33 despite being out of performance based sr range.

before anyone says anything, i know, smurfs are bad, thats why im ranking up.

Its based not on your performance but performance of everyone else at the same rank. As much as you think you may have had a good game (which you did), but it seems other plat players are capable of performing the same level as you do when they get the same enemy as you did. High Plat and Masters does not have mechanical difference really between the dps and support role. Its only ult usage, how many actions/tempo of the dps player and synergy/positioning. There are great raw mechanical players who are perfectly capable of being masters with few adjustment of gameplay.

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i may have been unclear in my post, my concern is that i gained more when i play outside of performance based sr brackets

They say it also looks at your enemy. If your chances to win are above 50% you will gain less.

that doesnt explain how an account that has been left in diamond for 2 whole seasons can suddenly gain 33 sr when its outside of pbsr brackets and the dps that is objectively better gets 26 within the brackets though

If I remember right there is still favorite to win issues past 3k anyways. Like if Harbleu is streaming at a top 20 tank SR and get into a 4k game he can get like I think 9 SR or something like that being the other team is almost all masters.

Oh the diamond account must have had higher mmr because placements make you start a little bit lower than where you ended. I have had similar situation when i gained like 35 sr for a win on Moira for a few games until i hit 3.4k and lost like only 19sr and it stablized to 23-25 sr from masters to 3.8k

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this is true to an extent, it only happens so drastically up there because there physically isnt enough players to give him a “fair match”. this could happen in diamond but it would be a variance of maybe 3 sr at most just because the game can actually place you with similarly ranked players.

its the same account, just different roles. i didnt play dps apart from placements so in theory i should still be gaining/losing larger amounts while the game figures out where i should be.
my dps is objectively better than my tank, like, by a mile. thats why it is confusing me

PBSR is also weighted differently depending on if your personal SR is higher than the enemy team’s average SR etc. so you can’t get huge gains by queueing with someone almost 1000 SR lower to fight an enemy team approximately one tier lower to artificially amplify SR gain. It’s also way more important to be consistant over the match than to pop off once or twice and eat crayons for the rest of it; how often were you on fire during the match?

While you may think you are a masters dps as well. The system comparing data with other players who play role queue thinks you are currently a plat dps and maybe a masters tank. While you may think your Sigma is bad, the system when using RPA thinks that your sigma performance is better than other diamond tanks.
Of course there is no accurate answer to your question. Based on given information the system you are overestimating your skill on a given role.
Friend but i do firmly believe that players in masters should not take Gold eliminations and deaths as a reference to a dominant performance.
Before you reply anything back. Go back to that mcree game and watch replays and see POV of your tanks or healers. I am 100% sure they will look like they are carrying too. When an entire team is dominant its often that most of the teammates are better than enemy team. I am 100% sure all 5 of your teammates must have felt they carried on some way too.

Therefore lets not stress this too much and play more games to see where you end up and how or when your stabilizes.
Good luck in your games.

i dont remember but it was 2cp, we attacked first capped both points and then full held on A. i ended up going 38 and 3 so i can only imagine it would be a decent portion of the match

[quote=“StarTravel-1701, post:10, topic:449603”]

you might be right but i peaked just under 4.3 dps on my main. i just find it hard to believe that the game would think im plat with the way that i play.
they tanks might well have played well but there is no way my stats were comparable to that of a plat player.
just to clarify, i dont mind that i gained less, i just found it odd that performance based sr gave me less of a bonus than, i guess mmr?

People do not realize that when people think they had a really good game, more often their teammates feel the same too. Too many people do not see this psychological aspect that way.
There was once a Mcree in our game in a Gm game, and none of us found out he was throwing (wintrading) with the enemy teammate until we went to replays and saw that the Mcree was afk shooting at walls. While there was a general sense of discomfort as we felt something was missing but could not figure out what to the point.
While i am not engaging in the discussion with OP, i will assume that while he thought his damage was low Sigma and he did not perform well, and he did insane carry (on Mcree) based on his deaths and gold elims, he may have created better space for his dps and healers on Sigma(due to positioning/maybe not getting too much damage but landing good shots when needed/ deny enemy map control/contesting space which a diamond tank would not/) ( as a GM peak as he mentioned) and enabled them in a way other high plat low diamond tank would even though he may not be a tank main.

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I have no clue because blackbox is funbox. But the more closed it is, the more people will be trying to reverse engineer. brb ‘Playtesting’ my comp matches to identify input-output mappings.

Apparently it is heavily based on:

  1. Performance relative to people at that rank.
  2. % on_fire(doing_stuff).
  3. hIdDeN TeNsOrS.

So by now 1. is totally skewed and corrupted by smurfs/alts/trolls. Can they find the proper signal in the noise? Maybe.

For 2., stuff like killing a sym turret is +25 ‘fire points’. Bubbling some damage is +25 fire points. Burning blue all match unlike the Fuel? Lots of +pbsr.

For 3., Unexplainable ML weights, over fitting, etc. But working as intended.

There are a lot of things that can affect SR change besides performance SR. You are correct that performance SR does not exist in diamond+. See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20) for what it might have been.

Regarding gaining 33 in diamond:

Perhaps you left the previous match and got a 50 SR penalty, and now have an SR buff.

Perhaps you have not played on this account/role in a while and have a high MMR/SR uncertaintly.

Perhaps the match was unfair, and you were expected to lose.