People whining about Reaper


I love how everyone is acting like Reaper is suddenly OP. He doesn’t instantly melt tanks anymore than he did before. Armor as a whole got nerfed, it’s not that Reapers damage got buffed and he’s now some insane killing machine. His DPS wasn’t touched. Every character can now do more damage against armor. His lifesteal is a nice addition to a character that has an insane weakness in this game, and that’s lack of range. His teleport is the worst ability in the game. He has no way to effectively close distance and gets wrecked by over half the roster.

Before you start with the doom and gloom, understand this change is not ground breaking. Will Reaper have more ability to STAY in a fight? Yes, absolutely, and that’s the point of the buff. Is he now suddenly godlike… lol absolutely not. If your team lets a Reaper just run around in the middle of a team fight unabated then you deserve to die to him (just like every other DPS). Stop with the sky is falling mentality. Reaper is still no better than Roadhog in that role and still suffers from the exact same problems he’s had since the game was released.