People this is why you have endorsement level issues!

I have lost count of how many people complained about not being able to raise their endorsement levels, or having their levels drop as fast as they raise up. They think it is a bug or that the system makes no sense. Never realizing that it makes incredible sense, they are not bugged, and the entire reason they struggle is because of their own bad behavior. I’m not talking about being reported (although you lose endorsements for that too). But some other bad behavior that is far more widespread.

Being impatient and leaving the game early.

I know what a lot of you may be thinking after I say that… “But wait, I don’t leave until after the Victory or defeat screen!” or “But wait I only leave during the POTG clip is shown!”

Guess what? You are still leaving early. And you are still losing endorsements because of it. Do not leave your match until the 4 player cards get shown and miraculously your endorsement levels will stop struggling.

There is not even any reason to leave earlier than the card handout screen.

Jeff Kaplan explains that leaving early does not speed up the next match.

Even before the endorsement system was put in place there was no reason to be impatient and leave early. But with the advent of the endorsement system it is more important than ever to wait until it is safe to leave.

The code that removes endorsements if you leave early is not removed until the game’s central server receives the information that the game has ended. If you leave before that acknowledgement by the server that the game has ended then you still get penalized endorsements the same as if you left mid-game.

So people learn to be more patient and wait for the serve to receive the notice that your game is ending.


You casually decay in endorsement level. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve dropped from 4 to 3 after 3-4 games of no endorsements. It’s not because I left after the Victory screen. If you lost endorsement levels because you left after the Victory screen, I’d be endorsement level 0.


This is patently false. You could not make this statement more inaccurate if you tried.


So, i get usually endorsed like 3 times a match which is massive, i play about 10 games day and never leave before I see my personal stats (with all the medals or none, depending on my performence) and yet ive never even onve excaped lvl3. I dont get reported or at least i dont get the “your something aint inline with the others” massage at the start of the game.

I just get the “congrats to lvl3 endorsement level” and thats it.



No, they are.

Check out Jeff Kaplan’s post. I even gave you the link.

Beyond that, the code that clears your “early match leaving penalty” code needs time to clear the servers. You are leaving before that code has been received, and thus you are getting penalties. Over and over again.

Leaving during the potg doen’t count as leaving. You are actually free to leave once when you see the winner team shown on the screen.


I am aware of the casual decay. But that barely has an effect for most of us. I’ve lost count of how many people who complain that they lost an endorsement level in the very match that they gained 3-5 endorsements on and they thought it was a bug. That is the point of this thread.

Did you actually read it? Saying that you can’t get a new game until last game is 100% over has absolutely nothing to do with penalties.

The fact that you can leave 50 games in a row at the victory/defeat screen without ever getting a ban should make this obvious.


Hana - what I am telling you is that there is a specific code that is sent by the game server to the central Blizzard account records server. This code removes the endorsement penalty for early leaving. You want to delay as long as possible your leaving so this code has time to be sent and received.

I have endorsement level 5. I have it because I stopped leaving earlier than the Card handout phase. Back when I would leave during the POTG I still occasionally had problems with weird drops.

Thats takes as long as your ping high is. you got a 50ms ping, it takes 50ms, you have a 100ms ping, it takes 100ms. Its no wonderous machinery going on there, just simple IT.

If you see the winning team, the match is officially over and you can leave if you want to. You just cant get into a new one.

r/humblebrag btw

No, no you dont. That is a conincidence ^^


So it’s THEIR bad behavior preventing them from getting 8 endorsements per game and thus cannot consistently stay at a lvl 5 endorsement rank.


Also worth pointing out that, if you had bothered to scroll down on your “evidence” by a single comment, you’d see Jeff flat out say that there is no penalty for leaving at victory screen


The point of that link had nothing to do with endorsements. I just wanted to prove to people that they had no reason for leaving early.

The endorsement penalty for leaving early came along after that post by Jeff Kaplan. My statement that leaving earlier than the Card Handout phase has nothing to do with anything anyone official has ever posted. Instead it based on the fact that I can maintain a level 5 endorsement easily. How? By behaving as I stated.

If you do not want to simply wait those few seconds, then do not gripe about your endorsement level issues. That’s it.

Links a post. Doesn’t read it:

Are there any penalities for leaving say when you see the “defeat” come up ? do you lose anything ?

Nope. [20 characters]

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Dude. Thats still a false true.

EDIT to clarify:

You dont maintain a lvl5 endorsment rank because you stay while cards are drawn, you maintain it because you are endorsed enough and your behaviour is inline with the community guidelines.


Believe what you want. Personal experience, leaving when ‘you’ think it ‘should’ be safe resulted in me having the same exact issue with lost endorsement levels even when gaining endorsements. Leaving when ‘I’ say it ‘is’ safe resulted in my endorsement level raising and never dropping.

Being level 5 endorsement isn’t the brag. But I’ve been level 5 endorsement since day 2 of Summer event release. Now that is a brag.

And can you please explain this to me?

Genuine interest, maybe im doing something wrong. (and please read my post carefully ^^)

Might want to take your blinders off, because that is a brag.


r/murdered by words

nicely done.

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Everyone is jumping on OP for some pretty ridiculous reasons. The most bizarre being time travel? However, OP is probably onto something. Just because this interaction is not intended does not mean it is not an existing bug and using past Jeff referring to something else entirely as evidence to the contrary is patently stupid.