People have the wrong idea about Hero 30


People are going so far away from the truth, almost everyone is just grabbing their favourite hero and trying to find a way to make them into a support or tank since that is the most likely options for hero 30. Junker Queen would NEVER become a support, she is an axe swinging maniac for crying out loud, she is and only is a DPS or a Tank. The robots you see in the map are tachy and terrible especially for a Queen? Surely a Queen would have something better. Personally she would be a DPS, i have never seen her in a mech. I’ve only seen her use her hold weapons, indicating to me she doesn’t need a tank. Her bruit strength is enough to overcome it. We have also not long had another Hero from Junker Town, Hammond, plus we have two others who are Junkrat and Roadhog. This to me just shows the likeliness of us getting ANOTHER hero from Junker Town is slim.

People are doing the same with Max, a tank? really? He is a skinny robot like Zen. Him being a tank is very unlikely, personally i couldn’t see him being a hero at all. He is someone who comes across as not getting his hands dirty, he would much rather pay someone to do it for him. As for him being a support, well no we have Zen and having the two could confuse some people. He Doesn’t come across as a support from looking over at him. If anything he would be a DPS but again i doubt he would even become a hero.

I for one think that most likely candidates for Hero 30 would be Echo or Sanjay. The reason why i say Echo is because in the speech when Jeff announced Ashe he said they were designing Echo but didn’t release her because they were fond of Ashe so they postponed Echo to design Ashe. Now since Echo was already near compliant wouldn’t it be more wise to then finish her and release her just after. People speculated she would be a tank, i mean really? No. She has that support vibe about her and doesn’t look tanky at all. Hero 30 will also not be that mysterious face that appeared on Anubis, the face has been their since beta.

As for Sanjay i personally recon he would be a tank with support utility. I recon sanjay would have a good chance because he is that link between his world and Lucio’s. He could potentially use something similar to Symmetra’s old shield gen as a support utility, but who knows. Hero 30 will be either Echo, Sanjay or some other hero we have not seen of yet.


I’ll predict it’s either Sanjay or another unkown guy they never bothered to hint at :smiley:


The my only hopes are that the new heroes dont have, turrets, shields or stuns.


It’s that dual cannon Talon tank from the event last year that melted you.


Introducing OMNIUS, a hero with a turret on his right shoulder, a massive impenetrable shield on his left (which can be closed and opened at will using the alt-fire button) - his shift ability is a ground-stomp which mini-stuns all nearby enemies and his ultimate summons a holographic Brigitte for his team.

Oh, and his E ability is just Reinhardt’s charge reskinned. And he has lifesteal on his attacks. His healthbar is entirely made of armour. He’s classified as a support.


No one here knows the truth, except for those working on the game.


How many times do we need to clarify that Echo was confirmed several times to NOT be Hero 30?..


Peoples speculations is what i was referring to. Ofc everything I’ve said is only speculation, however the things others say don’t seem plausible. They are just throwing in their favourite hero and hoping to find some way to convert them to the most probable. The things I have listed to me seem a lot more likely to happen.

You should know what Jeff is like, he likes to throw tricks everywhere. We don’t know if what he says is true. It might be it might not be, only time will tell. But to me it seems off that they would half design Echo, stop to make Ashe and not carry on making Echo as the next hero. Instead design a completely different hero? Seems like a waste of resources to ditch Echo.


I don’t see the issue, worst (and most possible) case scenario is they’re proven wrong and it doesn’t happen.

Most people don’t really believe in those speculations, although some are fun to read.


I understand that, but to me it slightly annoys me people just doss of in the entirely different direction and try tweak something to work around the next hero. Like Junker Queen support must of been the funniest one i saw.


Who even is this Sanjay ?


People that speculate ridiculous things will always happen, even if you make a post telling them not to, and they’re free to do so. Best you can do is laugh about it and move on like most do.

That being said, even the most ridiculous theory may become true.
Did you believe those theories about our hamster hero actually being a hamster before he was released? Some had speculated that months before, when no one expected it and most thought it was a joke theory.


You assume a lot based on nothing. Jeff said this to set people’s expectations, even mentioned they want to develop her story a bit more before she joins the roster. They always work on several heroes, and releases are planned months in advance, so there really isn’t waste of resources.


The fact you are telling people they are wrong about hero 30 and then saying you think it will be Echo when jeff has out right said she is 100% not hero 30 is honestly delicious.

And why cant she be a tank? shes slim so what Sym 2.0 was basically a tank and she is a skinny legend.


Brigitte is a flail swinging engineer. It’s quite possible.


hero 30 is mama hong as a tank with a yo-yo


I could see the Junker Queen being a tough love mechanic-themed support in a mech, more of a paladin than a doctor.


How about Leonora or Antonio from Rialto?


I also picture the queen as a Dps hero, but I think she will be hybrid in nature.

I think it would be cool if her Ult was summoning a Mech so she could effectively become a tank for the duration of her Ult.


More like a bruiser, she seems.

Slightly tanky, close quarters and good damage.