People complaining about lore but they dont know the lore

Blizzard screw things again, they couldnt make coherent ages for the characters, they are retconing their own backstories, i think we can all agree with that.

But blizzard is not the only one wrong, since overwatch 1 relase in 2016 and maybe before, we know the backstories of every character including their ages, every new character relased had an oirigins video, a backstory, and a bio with their ages, we only didnt know the ages of the ow2 characters, so i dont understand why a lot of people acts like this is the first time we know the ages of everyone.

Sojourn and kiriko ages makes no sense with their story, thats a problem, but now people complaining about mercy being too young, everyone things she should be like 60 but looks like 20 because her tech makes her ageless, excuse, where you get that idea? pharah and mercy ages got retconned to be closer and make the ship less forced, no, since ow1 we know the gap is 5 years, those people like to use the photo of a child pharah with a teenage mercy as the proof of the retcon but they dont know mercy was 17 and pharah 12 in the picture, blame the art style, not the lore

another thing people is discussing is tracer being inmortal or a time lord or something, no, she is not. winston being 31 but being an ow agent before pharah, hey guys, you dont know pharah was rejected of ow because ana her mother didnt let her, is not an age issue, and remember a lot of people joined ow at young age, ow have a problem of overpopulation of child prodigies, tracer being a trained pilot piloting test planes at 18 or 19, mercy in collage at 17, yeah. and another thing, gorilas age faster than humans, when pharah was a 2 years old baby winston was already an adult jesus.

anyway, just want to clarify some issues blizzard created with something as simple as revealing the ages of the characters (that we already knew for years by the way) they divided the fandom again with their inconsistencies, a lot of fans make a better work keeping track of every detail, bot a lot of fans didnt know a thing about the lore and still complaining

for us who know the lore, useful feedback is the most viral and discussed. for those who don’t even know how to browse the wikia (always very precise in the official sources) there is only space in fanfics and their tiny circle of “dont touch my waifu”, as it has always been for anything functional or narrative .

In my opinion there is only one department where Blizzard was “wrong” by not continuing to develop: a media organization in the form of a timeline. When OW2 was first announced, the original website had a tiny timeline detailing some of the big events in Overwatch lore, starting from Honor & Glory to about Ana’s comics (and of course Zero Hour as the very last event). If they had maintained an organization it would be even easier to diminish the fandom’s rampant ignorance about the lore rather than resorting to wikias. However, I believe they will leave this role to the Declassified book, which will have more or less the same tasks performed by WoW chronicles.

The problem is the ages dont make sense still like mercy and pharah and kiriko messes with tones of things with hanzo and genji