Penalties too severe

I wish penalty times weren’t so severe. Overwatch, especially after the launch of this event, constantly crashes and I get penalized with longer and longer wait times. I’m not leaving mid game or rage quitting but I still get penalized for it severely in champs points and wait times. I wish there was another way for you guys to tell the context of leaving so that I can stop losing champs points for leaving at the beginning of the game before anything has started.

Hey there, unfortunately it is far too easy to fake crashes and disconnections, and more importantly, if you are disconnecting or crashing, you really need to avoid Competitive Play and take time to troubleshoot the issue, otherwise, it is equally as bad as deliberately leaving games to try and queue with a known issue. You can learn about Blizzard’s policy about this here:

The technical support is intended to help players diagonse and troubleshoot their issues, however since you have provided no details to your crash, I can only refer you to these starting troubleshooting guides:

If you need more help, please take time to carefully describe your issue.