Penalise For Wifi Loss

so what just happend is my wifi disconnectd for about 2 seconds
and of course i have to log in.
but this was also in a ranked game so you know what happens after leaving a ranked game loss of sr and penalised

idk why just because my wifi cut out i dont get to rejoin because the match is too early so they reset it.

Because you left the game. And as far as the game knows you left intentionally.


Intentionally or not 11 other players had their game ruined.


Get decent wifi or dont play comp.

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This is terrible advice. Wifi has increased latency and tendencies to lose connection. If you’re going to play, use a wired connection. It’s faster, too.

Who the hell plays online multiplayer over wifi? That’s just asking for lag and disconnections. Wifi data can only travel one way at a time (it can’t send and receive packets simultaneously), not to mention it’s horribly prone to interference.

Lay a 30 meter cable around your house if you have to, just ensure you use wired for online games. Period.

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At least WiFi loss can be manageable.

I’ve had experiences where my electrical company shut down the lights for no reason…
That happened this morning. It was dark for a good ~3 hours.
The weather was perfect and sunny, so don’t try to blame me lol

Uhhh my wifi has never cut out, and I’ve never disconnected from a game of Overwatch. 35mbps/ 30mbps up. If people join a competitive game knowing full well their service is not reliable and disconnect that’s the same as leaving intentionally imo.

Your bad internet may not be your fault but subjecting 11 other people to it is.

While it’s good that you have a reliable WiFi connection, it’s not as reliable as if you were on a wired connection. WiFi has more latency and is less reliable compared to a wired connection.

Sustained speeds are not what makes an optimal online gaming experience, especially with fast-paced games like Overwatch. WiFi has more latency compared to a wired connection.

My internet connection is superb. I wired my house with Cat6e and pay for a business-tier fiber connection.

Exactly, which is why you want your connection to be as reliable as possible - wired instead of wireless.

Source: I’m a CompTIA Network+ certified engineer.

Obviously a wired connection will be better, my point was people deserve to be penalised for bad connectivity as the experience of 11 other people is effected.

I have met people who play on their phone data XD

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Honestly, its fine if you play tethered to your phone as long as you have good signal.

You must make sure its a wired tether instead of a wireless one.

Majority of the wireless networks in major cities… you can legit get 100-200mbs.

At least overwatch is Ddosing your rounter.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:


If you have bush drum internet you should not bother other players with it. Wether you DC on purpose or on coincidence: You gave your 5 mates a bad time.