[PC][Eu] LFG/Clan

hello there i want to get into OW agian. after a really long break, but need some lad’s or damsels to play with.

a little about my self. 30 years old Male.
gameing world im mostly called Liara had that name for like 15 years now.
Irl my friend’s call me Viking must be the red beard and Tatts xD
have a kid wich make’s it so i cant play like 24/7 Every day.
use to play alot of moba’s. K/D above 30 in most mobas. not the best but still good i would say.

Okay so im looking for people to chill with and have fun.
i dont want people who is whining 24/7 remmeber you cant play ur best everyday.
I havnt played since 2018 wich is my rank aswell. stoped there cus i thought it was fun :stuck_out_tongue: i dont mind to try and get higher rank, i could see that being fun aswell

i find it hard to meet other people in the gaming world these day’s that just play for the shake of fun. wich is why we play aint it ? dont get me wrong here, to win is really fun and its allways my goal. but i aint gonna waste time to get mad over somthing that is pixel related. did that enough in smite and lol back in the day’s.

i play healer mostly. and still learning how to and what not to do.
i would love to have a discord team. where we talk laugh and play.

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I saw a post right above yours that talks above a discord channel for people 30 yo or older. Maybe you are interested :relieved: