-!- PC: Try changing Region to Asia -!-

My friend just did it and could join instantly.

Not guaranteed, but you can give it a try


Now once you said it, they flood that server too.


Is that going to mess with bp xp, or any rewards?


Idk tbh but I don’t think so

Just as planned .


This will relieve congestion on the Western half.


That leaves us with two conclusions:

  1. OW2 is extremely unpopular in Asia (since you log in instantly); or
  2. they invested in their, ahem, “domestic region” servers far less than in Asia ones.

Either way, 10/10 way to go with F2P model (yeah, if this game becomes more popular then this problem will become bigger and bigger).


I don’t know. My friend could log in instantly and didn’t even get the breaking news massage

im in for 3rd game in a row, asia is fine

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Worked for me, tyvm!

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Not work for me “Unexpected server error” every time.

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still doesn’t let you log in, been trying it for an hour and it’s bs

I always have my region set in Asia, so i immediately got in.

Just finished playing for 2 hours and earning 17 BP tiers.

or maybe it’s like 6 am over there?

I got in within 1 minute on Asia server. Was looking at battlepass and got kicked out. I will say, having played WoW in the past, I am not surprised at all and expect to play it later tonight.

Unexpected server error. Something to do with the Authenticator, maybe.

I just tried Asisa - 2k waiting to log in. Way to go guys :stuck_out_tongue:

it worked!

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But only 2k.

Is America at 38k ?

It is astonishing how much more quickly I got into the Asia servers than the American ones. What is up with that?

It worked but only for like 30 min until everyone started to read that they could get in faster in the asia server…


now more people know the queues are growing… stop telling everyone :triumph: